Feb 16

Lightning Fitness is an exercise system that I, Rama, created.

The foundation of this system is speed of movement, rather than weight resistance.

~  A System Designed for Modern Times  ~

For my system you do not need props or weights of any kind, and so you can do Lightning Fitness at the air port, while waiting at your friend’s house, while waiting for your partner to get ready to go out for the day, while waiting for your children to get ready for school, while enjoying natural scenery, or while watching a movie.

In other words, you can do Lightning Fitness any time, anywhere, for any duration of your choosing.

I created Lightning Fitness so that people living in modern times could have the ability to fit a quick exercise routine into a busy daily schedule.

You can also use Lightning Fitness for hours at a time if you choose to!

~  Cultivate Your Whole Body  ~

Lightning Fitness covers the entire human body, including all major muscle groups as well as your eyes, the muscles on top of your head, your toe muscles, your wrist muscles, your fingers, hands, knees, and every other part of the body.

~  Grow Your Body Into the Beautiful Form of Your Choosing  ~

Lightning Fitness can be used for:

-toning your muscles to have a “fit” and healthy body

-growing massive amounts of muscle tissue for the purposes of body building

-specializing growth of muscles that you use in your chosen sports

-specializing the strength and tone of muscles that you use in your job

-cultivating your body to be the exact shape that you want, creating the exact form of beauty that you are most drawn to.

Lightning Fitness is a fully customizable system that is easy to use, quick to use, and can be used any time anywhere in the world.

~  Lightning Fitness Is Designed to be Easy and Fun  ~

Lightning Fitness is designed to be fun to do, and in this system of mine, having fun is the absolute most important rule!

In my system of Lightning Fitness, it is the flow of joy itself, the joy of movement itself, that makes your body grow into the beautiful form you are seeking to cultivate.

Beauty to You!