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Complimentary Audio:
My Experience with Eating Raw Food vs. Cooked Food

-how I felt eating raw food for the first time,

-how I felt eating cooked food again after eating only raw food for several months,

-how I feel eating the Paradise food diet,

-how Paradise food compares with cooked and processed foods in terms of my energy levels, performance, happiness, and belly-size.

-how the journey to eating Paradise food is gradual and you should not rush yourself or feel embarrassed if you are not eating only raw food, all at once, today, now. :)

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Complimentary Audio:
Three Reasons to Eat Only Paradise Foods, Fresh Raw Unprocessed Foods

-”Paradise Food” is my term for foods that are in the same state that they would be in if they were still in Nature, prepared exactly as Mother Earth made them Herself.

I am aware of three major reasons to eat only Paradise Foods:

Performance: I describe in this audio how much my athletic performance increased as I began eating only Paradise Foods.

For me, high athletic performance is one of the primary indicators of a healthy diet.

You will find it easier and more fun to exercise when you are eating only Paradise Foods!

Beauty: I do not use cosmetic products of any kind, so I must rely on my diet of Paradise Foods to give me natural inexpensive Beauty that reflects my true nature.

Eating only Paradise foods increased my physical beauty in many ways, including:

-clear skin

-strong and shiny hair, teeth, and nails

-better well-rounded muscle tone due to better protein sources

-deep, rich skin tone

-brighter eyes

-softer hair

-a radiant glow of health and happiness, which I feel constantly.

Paradise: The reason I call my diet the Paradise diet is because when you eat correctly you experience a physical, biochemical state of joy that remains with you throughout the day.

When you eat only Paradise foods you can experience a consistent, inexpensive, maintainable state of chemical joy that can uplift you no matter who you are, where you are, or who is around you (or not around you).

Eat Paradise foods if you want to live in your own personal Paradise, your body.

Body is Paradise!

Your body becomes Paradise when you feed her correctly.

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Complimentary Audio:
Let Taste Dictate What You Eat

In this audio I explain how I have experienced first-hand that my Paradise Diet has the best tasting food there is.

I have discovered that taste is relative, not absolute.

This means that if you are eating what your body truly wants for its health and body-building purposes, your body will make that food taste better.

I have literally experienced changes in the taste of food as I was eating that food.

When I have too much fruit, fruit stops tasting sweet and just tastes like water.

My body is telling me: “no more fruit!”

So I have found that when you eat food and get proper nutrition, your body tells you that you are getting perfect nutrition through the way the food tastes to you.

And I have also discovered that when I eat the Paradise Diet, I am getting proper nutrition and so my Paradise Diet always tastes the best to me, even when I am eating a meal of only leafy greens!

I explain this and much more in this audio, and share with you my experience of how, out of all diets and cooked foods that I’ve tried, my Paradise Diet tastes the absolute best!

Literally, my Paradise Diet of mainly fruit, leafy greens, and nuts, tastes far better than any other foods I’ve ever eaten, when I eat my diet correctly.

I explain how to eat my Paradise Diet correctly here on my website and in these audios.

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Complimentary Audio:
Nature’s Raw Steroids for Rapid Muscle Growth and Female Hormone Balancing

-A free legal way to grow muscle rapidly

-Enjoy your muscle gains, enjoy your food, and enjoy being drug-free

-Enjoy paying pennies for your muscle growth enhancers while others choke down powders and use other less pleasant methods to inject questionable substances into their bodies to obtain bigger muscles

-Enjoy obtaining your muscle growth enhancers legally and publically in just about any food store in the world.

-A cheap and healthy way to balance female hormones in a way that truly works and enhances beauty and youthfulness

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Complimentary Audio:
The Importance of Sleep

-enjoy faster muscle recovery

-enjoy more balanced emotions

-enjoy greater beauty

-feel good, look good, perform better

-the importance of honoring your body when it come sleep

-sleep, just as important as food and exercise

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Note From Rama:

I am still developing my Lightning Fitness videos, in the meantime please enjoy the audios on my Paradise Diet.

Complimentary Video:
Lightning Fitness Mini-Routine

In this video I demonstrate to you the very first Lightning Fitness Pose that I created, which is so intensive that it deserves to be called a mini-routine.

This pose is great for men and women because it tones up the entire back and front of your torso region, strengthening your chest, abdominals, back muscles, arms, and hips all at once.

This Lightning Fitness pose involves the eight major organs of your body, helping you to stimulate the flow of power from your nervous system to each of your major vital organ regions.

This Lightning Fitness pose involves a twisting motion around your central axis, your spine, and thus stimulates the flow of blood, lymph, and hormones, as well as stimulating the functioning of all the major organs of your body.

I guide you through the entire pose and demonstrate each part, explaining each of the eight parts in detail.

Doing just this pose will help you feel stronger, happier, more balanced, and more beautiful.

Because I have done this Lightning Fitness pose consistently, I have been able to lift heavy objects that two years ago I would not have been able to lift at all!


Complimentary Videos:
Lightning Fitness Poses

I am offering you several videos of Lightning Fitness poses that demonstrate the basic pose, so that you get a sense of how Lightning Fitness actually looks in practice!

When you see me doing Lightning Fitness you will see why it is so fun and easy, yet also so growth-producing!

I guide you through the basic pose and this gives you the chance to try the pose yourself.

Once you have actually tried the Lightning Fitness poses in these videos, all the information I am sharing with you will merge with your own life experience of using the pose, and the mixture will coalesce into a new body for you!

See and practice Lightning Fitness with these videos!


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