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~ Telephone Counseling ~

I love doing telephone sessions!

I love to meet you, hear your voice, hear your story, and understand your life goals.

Then with that personal understanding of you, from your voice, your life story, and your life goals, I can help you with whatever questions you have for me regarding diet, fitness, emotional health, mental health, or any other matters of life.

Ultimately our diet and way of moving affect all the other aspects of our life, because diet and fitness movements change our body.

As our body changes, we have new insights into life and our emotions become balanced through proper nutritional intake and joyful bodily growth.

I can help you understand how to fit my Paradise Diet and Lightning Fitness system into your life in a way that is tailored to your specific aesthetic goals and nutritional background.

~ How Telephone Sessions Work ~

In telephone counseling, you order the session in advance, choosing a session of the appropriate duration.

You can ask me if you need help deciding what session duration is most appropriate for the kinds of questions that you have.

After you order the session, we set up a time to meet by phone.

You can email me at rama(at)evernewjoy.com in order to schedule your session time.

Replace the (at) with @ in my email address above, I write it this way to prevent internet bots from using my email.

For the session, we can use skype or you can call my landline phone.

We can discuss any matters that you are interested in during the session.

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Telephone Counseling, 1 hour, $50 USD

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Telephone Counseling, 1.5 hours, $75 USD

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Telephone Counseling, 2 hours, $100 USD

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