The Principles of Lightning Fitness

This is a list of the principles that are at the core of all of the Lightning Fitness movements that I do.

These principles represent my life philosophy, and are holistic principles that you can apply to many other aspects of your life besides physical movement.

I adhere to these principles in all the Lightning Fitness videos that I offer to you.

I adhere to these principles every time I do my own personal Lightning Fitness routine :)

I practice my Lighting Fitness system daily, and so this list of principles may very well grow over time!

I write from the experience of using my system and these principles below summarize what I have learned as I have developed and practiced my Lighting Fitness system.

You will probably want to review what I have written here, as this information represents years of my research and will take time to assimilate.

Although this written material may be easy to comprehend, the actual understanding of what I writing about must come from your own personal experience of moving your body according to the principles of Lighting Fitness.


Complimentary Videos:
Lightning Fitness Poses

I am offering you several videos of Lightning Fitness poses that demonstrate the basic pose, so that you get a sense of how Lightning Fitness actually looks in practice!

When you see me doing Lightning Fitness you will see why it is so fun and easy, yet also so growth-producing!

I guide you through the basic pose and this gives you the chance to try the pose yourself.

Once you have actually tried the Lightning Fitness poses in these videos, all the information I am sharing with you will merge with your own life experience of using the pose, and the mixture will coalesce into a new body for you!

See and practice Lightning Fitness with these videos!


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Strength and Vitality to You!


Principle 1: Speed of Movement Leads to Muscle Growth

I discovered the very core of my Lighting Fitness system when I did an experiment. I wanted to know what produced muscle strength, so I first lifted a light object, and noticed what my muscles were doing. Then I lifted a heavy object, and noticed what had changed in my muscles as they performed in a different way because the second object was heavier.

Here is what I discovered:

When the muscles of the human body are lifting one object that is proportionally heavier than another object, the muscles vibrate faster when lifting the heavier object.

I can generalize this observation in the following way:

The greater the effort that the muscles of the human body are exerting, the greater the rate of vibration of the muscles.

This led me to a startling conclusion!

The size of a muscle is not the primary indicator of how strong it is!

The primary indicator of muscle-strength is how fast it can vibrate.

The faster a muscle can vibrate, the more work it can do, the more force it can exert.

I have a simple proof.

When a relatively weak person performs miraculous feats such as lifting a car off of an injured family member, how does this happen?

Obviously adrenaline is involved, but still, I want to know how the person’s muscles actually do the extra work that the you would not normally think that person’s muscles were capable of doing.

My answer is as follows:

When a person’s muscles are called upon to perform an extraordinary feat of strength, the brain shoots extra amounts of energy into that person’s nervous system.

The nerves of the appropriate muscles super-activate the muscles, which then vibrate at very high rates.

Because it is the rate of vibration in the muscles that is the primary determinant of muscle strength, the muscles can now operate with incredible strength to perform the required task.

So, yes, I feel adrenaline is involved, but above I have described what I feel is going on to enable people to use the same-sized muscles to exert a degree of force that they would not normally think their muscles capable of generating.

So you see, the same-sized muscles can perform at radically different levels of strength based solely on the rate at which they are vibrating.

The secret key to all this is the rate of vibration of the muscles.

It is the rate at which muscles are vibrating that enables them to exert various degrees of force that we would look at as different levels of “strength.”

~ What About Muscle Size? ~

Obviously the size of the muscle is important, but what I am saying is that if a big muscle cannot vibrate very fast, than it is just a lot of mass without a lot of functionality.

~ Functional Muscles ~

I don’t know about you, but I want muscles that don’t just look pretty, they are also functional. Meaning, my muscles can actually exert a great degree of force relative to their size.

I would rather have smaller muscles that can exert greater force than muscles that could be bigger, but could not exert as much force as the smaller muscles.

I find the presumption that it is size alone that determines muscle strength to be erroneous.

I know a lot of body builders end up having health problems later in their life because they generate so much mass, so much muscle size, but that mass is not properly function and so health problems develop.

Obviously many body builders take substances that ruin their health while producing lots of additional muscle mass.

What I am wanting to focus on right now is what even a substance-free body builder will want to keep in mind to optimally enjoy their extraordinary muscle mass.

What I am stating is that you can have large muscles, but they have to be functional as well, capable of “pulling their own weight,” so to say.

When the muscles you have are stronger for their size because they are capable of vibrating extremely fast, you feel light.

~ Make Your Life Easier By Becoming Stronger Relative to Your Weight ~

One of my most astonishing experiences while using my Lighting Fitness system has been that as my muscles learn to vibrate faster, I feel stronger and lighter.

I thought it very strange at first that I could feel lighter while I was obviously getting stronger.

I wrestle frequently with my friends, so I know beyond doubt that over time I am getting stronger!

And yet, I was also feeling lighter, like I was becoming much less heavy.

The weight scale illustrated to me clearly that I still had weight, but I did not feel nearly as heavy as I used to!

In my analysis, this is what happens as you practice the Lighting Fitness system: first your muscles become stronger for their current size, and then they grow bigger over time.

As your muscles become stronger for their current size, the perception of their weight diminishes and your movements become more powerful.

It takes force just to move your muscles, because they do have their own weight.

When your muscles are able to exert greater force relative to their own weight, that means you feel like you are doing less work just to use them.

This results in you feeling lighter!

Your muscles are carrying their own weight, and more!

Your muscles are able to more effectively cancel out your perception of their weight because they are stronger for their size, and so they can handle their own weight and the task you are using them for more effectively.

This gives you the perception that life is easier.

You enjoy life more because you feel lighter.

Because of my Lighting Fitness system I now feel like I am a lightning bolt passing rapidly through life with great ease and strength.

~ What About Self-defense? ~

From a movement and strength perspective, recognize that when your muscles can easily carry their own weight, then more of your power and force is devoted to the actual movement you are doing.

This means that with the same-size muscles that are now vibrating faster, you are able to exert much greater force toward your actual task (or opponent as the case may be).

Your own weight has been effectively neutralized and all your power is going toward the actual task you are performing with your muscles

Basically, when your muscles are able to vibrate faster relative to their size, then you have lightning fast movements that enable you to move at dizzying speeds with intense force!

Just like a lighting bolt!

This is one of the primary reasons I call my system Lightning Fitness, you gain lightning speed movements that are also extraordinarily strong.

~ Be Strong and Light Like a Lightning Bolt ~

A lightning bolt is extraordinarily light, it is light, yet it can blow apart a tree!

That’s the way I want my body to be!

Through my Lightning Fitness system you can feel light and strong at the same time, just like a lightning bolt :) (thus the background of this site).

Life becomes much easier for you, as you neutralize your experience of your own weight and can perform all tasks with greater ease because for your current muscle mass, your muscles are now stronger.

~ How to Put All This Information into Practice ~

So now that we have determined that muscles that can vibrate faster can neutralize the effects of their own weight, how do we train our muscles to vibrate faster?


Move your muscles faster, consistently, and your body will grow itself to be able to move faster and faster.

~ The Birth of Lightning Fitness ~

This is how my Lightning Fitness system was born!

I realized that I had to train my muscles to vibrate themselves faster so that they would become stronger.

Rather than concentrating on a weight-resistance program such as the typical weight training that you see in the gym, I realized I should use speed of movement as the way to increase muscle strength.

~ A Weight-Free, Prop-Free System You Can Use Anywhere ~

Because the primary factor in determining muscle strength is rate of vibration, and we can move our muscles faster to teach them to vibrate faster, this means that the primary way to make them stronger is simply to move them faster.

So now you can understand why Lightning Fitness is a prop-free system that is not based on weight-resistance.

The core of lightning fitness is the speed of your movements.

The faster you move, the faster your muscles vibrate.

The faster your muscles vibrate, the stronger they become for their size and the lighter you feel.

~ A System Designed for Modern Times ~

In a world that seems to moving faster and faster, why not move faster than the ever-accelerating pace of modern life?

As your muscles become stronger for their current weight and you feel lighter, your life becomes easier.

You can literally move faster through your day and get more done, with stronger faster muscles!

~ For Strength, Move Your Muscles as Fast as You Possibly Can While Staying in Control ~

From all that I have written here you can see that it is a simple conclusion that if we move our muscles as fast as we possible can, they will grow the strongest.

So one of the absolute core principle that distinguishes Lightning Fitness as a body movement system is that to make your muscle stronger, you focus on doing any given movement as fast as you possibly can while staying in control.

So you may be doing a simple bicep-curl motion, but you would do the motion as fast as you possibly can, while staying in total control of your body.

~ How Many Cycles of the Movement Should Be Performed? ~

You may do 10 cycles of the movement (repetitions) or 20 or 30, it doesn’t matter.

The number of cycles of the movement is not that important compared to the speed.

The thing to focus on is that you are moving as fast as you possibly can while staying in control of your body.

~ What is the Correct Fastest Speed of Movement? ~

You are moving at the fastest appropriate speed for your body when:

1. You are comfortable

You don’t feel you are straining your muscles. You can enjoy the motion you are doing

2. You can maintain the speed comfortably for a period of time

You are not just comfortable for one or two cycles of the movement, but rather you can do several cycles at your chosen speed in complete comfort.

3. You are in complete control of your body

You do not feel that your movements are somewhat subject to chance because you are moving so fast you are not even sure what your body is going to do.

Rather, you feel you are in total control of where every body part is going and what every muscle is doing.

This ensures that you do not do any unusual movements that may strain your system, and you also will not encounter environmental factors unexpectedly (such as lamp shades or unsuspecting spectators or household members)

4. If you move any faster, the above rules cease to be true

If you go any faster than your chosen pace you lose your sense of comfort or control.

This is your clear indicator that you are moving as fast as you should to maximize your muscle strength.

So the very simple rule in my Lightning Fitness system is that:

When you want to maximize your muscle tone and strength, you should do a Lightning Fitness movement as fast as you can comfortably, while maintaining complete control of your body.

I hope you enjoy the use of this principle!

Strength and Beauty to You!


Principle 2: Following the Flow of Joy

When doing a specific Lightning Fitness exercise, you should only continue doing the movement at your chosen speed as long as it is fun to keep doing the movement.

~ You Should Feel Like You are Having Fun, Not Doing Work ~

This means that you do not keep doing a Lightning Fitness movement once it starts to get tiring and now you feel that it is work to keep doing the exercise. Continuing doing the Lightning Fitness pose only as long as it is fun!

~ If You Feel Burning in the Muscles You Went Too Far~

Also, you should never go beyond the point of feeling tired of doing the movement and go so far as to push yourself to the point of feeling a burning sensation in the muscles you are using.

The whole point of the Following the Flow of Joy Principle is that our bodies grow best in the flow of Joy. You do an exercise as long as it is fun, and stop right before the exercise is no longer fun.

Physiologically my reasoning for this principle is as follows:

When you are doing a Lightning Fitness movement, you are using your muscle glycogen, your muscle fuel.

The flow of joy in your muscles will let you know when you are beginning to exhaust your available muscle glycogen, and will also let you know how strenuously you are working your muscles.

If you stop doing the Lightning Fitness movement before it is no longer fun, you will be guaranteeing that:

1. You didn’t use up all your native muscle fuel reserves, which will thus allow your muscles to rebuild themselves faster because they can use their remaining muscle fuel for rebuilding purposes

2. You didn’t push your muscles fibers so hard as to cause such severe wear and tear that they will require extra resources and fuel just to repair damaged tissue, before evening beginning to build new and stronger muscle tissue. I explain further below.

~ Life is Meant for Joy, The Body Grows Fastest in Joy ~

I do not feel that pushing your fibers to the point of severe damage is necessary.

Your body is very wise, you do not need to break it to pieces to let it know you want to grow additional tissue.

Life was meant to be fun.

You do not need to torture yourself to grow strong.

In fact, if you follow the flow of joy you will find you build stronger faster because you are loving your body, not torturing it, and feeling joy instead of pain.

Also, the more joy you feel the more you will want to keep exercising!

So what happens when you follow the flow of joy when doing Lightning Fitness movements is that:

-you stimulate the muscle to grow to better perform the motions that you are doing

-you keep enough reserve muscle fuel (glycogen) to be able to rebuild the muscle more quickly than if you completely exhaust your fuel reserves. This enables faster muscle recovery so that you can exercise again soon!

-you do not damage your muscles from over-training so that your body is then required to use extra resources just to get your system back to normal, and then from there require additional time and resources to build the new growth that was stimulated by doing the movement. When you follow the flow of joy your body is not wasting time making up for your mis-use of the muscles. Instead, through your love of your body in joyful movement, your body can rapidly grow in the new directions you’ve told your body you want it to grow via your Lightning Fitness movement.

-you increase the likely-hood that you will feel joy at the thought of exercising again, because you so thoroughly enjoyed the Lightning Fitness movements that you’ve already done! Now the thought of doing more movement is fun, and it is not though of as work, but instead, you think of moving as a joyful thing to do! Now you can enjoy your body and enjoy at least one aspect of your life!

So to summarize this principle:

When doing Lightning Fitness, you should only do a given motion at a given speed for as long as the experience of the movement is entirely enjoyable and physically comfortable.

You should stop doing the motion before it becomes boring or uncomfortable.

The body grows fastest in joy, so if you want to maximize your muscle gains and strength gains, make sure every Lightning Fitness routine is absolutely fun the whole time.

You are more likely to do another Lightning Fitness routine if your memory of your previous routine is filled only with fun and the natural joy of blood flow.

I hope you enjoy the use of this principle!

It is one of the absolute most foundational principles of my Lightning Fitness system :)

Physical strength and Beauty to You!


Principle 3: Lightning Fitness Increases Neural Pathways to the Muscles, Strengthening the Brain-body Connection

I have noticed that the more I practice my Lightning Fitness system, the stronger my nervous system becomes.

I am someone who is very attuned to my body and I tune into my nervous system all the time as part of my body-empowering lifestyle.

I am fully aware of the importance in modern times of restoring the brain-body connection.

Due to lack of exercise and improper diet, many humans in modern times are experiencing a host of un-wellnesses due to their lack of a properly functioning brain and nervous system.

When the brain and nervous system are not properly functioning, people experience:

-depression rather than constant joy

-heaviness-feeling rather than feeling light and electric

-lack of feeling of purpose and direction in life, rather than confidence in one’s inner/intuitive guidance

-lack of body coordination rather than poise, balance, and grace

-lack of feeling of the body: feeling numbness rather than extraordinary attunement with your most wonderful Paradise, your body.

-lack of quick reflexes

The brain-body connection is strengthened as your neural pathways increase in number and strength.

By “neural pathways” I mean the nerves going from your brain to your various body parts.

~ Lightning Fitness Increases the Number and Strength of your Neural Pathways ~

The way Lightning Fitness increases the power of your nervous system is through the rapid movements.

As you can see from principle number 1 of Lightning Fitness, the faster you move the stronger your muscles become.

Well, another thing that happens as you move faster is that your neural pathways to the muscles become stronger and more plentiful!

I have noticed that the faster I move, the stronger the nerves going to my muscles become.

Here is a simple way you can see what is happening:

When you are feeling your body, you are utilizing your brain and nervous system.

The more you feel your body, the more powerfully your brain and nervous system are operating.

When you are not noticing your body or feel numb in different parts, your brain and nervous system are not functioning very powerfully.

I often see people go to the gym, turn on their headphones, get on the treadmill, and proceed to mostly ignore their body while exercising.

I often see people turn on the TV while doing a workout, or get distracted by the radio playing in the gym.

When your attention is on something other than your body, your nervous system is not activating at full power.

When I first started doing my Lightning Fitness system I realized that I couldn’t pay attention to the radio, my own personal music player, or literally anything else in my environment even if my environment was very distracting!

My full attention was being drawn to my body!

The way Lightning Fitness is done demands 100% of your attention be on your body!

It is all because of the high-speed factor.

When you are moving your muscles extremely fast, your full awareness, blood, lymph fluid, and assorted other bodily substances are drawn to the center of the sphere of your current motion.

Your attention is compulsively drawn to the movement you are doing, because you are endeavoring to move your muscles as fast as you possible can while staying in control of your body.

Because your mental attention is directly linked to your nervous system and your neural pathways, this means that as your attention and feeling-perception become drawn to a specific body part, the neural pathways going to that body part become strengthened.

Literally, the more you feel a specific body part via movement of that body part, the more the neural pathways to that body part are strengthening.

This results in a stronger brain and nervous system and stronger brain-body connection.

~ Increase Neural Pathways to Experience Joy ~

Our brains produce the joy chemicals that people often choose to stimulate through drug use.

You can naturally stimulate feelings of joy and euphoria through bodily movement.

The more you utilize the power of your brain and nervous system, the more your brain produces the joy chemicals (serotonin for example) that cause you to feel that you are in a good mood.

Literally, you can naturally stimulate the release of the brain’s joy chemicals through fun forms of bodily movement such as Lightning Fitness.

The reason some people do not enjoy bodily movement and call it “work” is because they are not adhering to principle number 2 of Lightning Fitness, which is to follow the flow of joy.

When you follow the flow of joy in your Lightning Fitness. routine, you will find bodily movement is fun again!

When you follow principle number 1 of Lightning Fitness, you will find you are maximizing the growth of your neural pathways.

So when you follow principles 1 and 2 of Lightning Fitness. you will find that you feel joyful after doing an exercise routine!

I can honestly say that my daily Lightning Fitness routine is one of the absolute most fun things in my life.


My point is:

Lightning Fitness is fun to do, all the time!

You can have as much fun as you thought possible in a physical body by your own choice to revolve your life schedule around your body and its well-being.

Joyful, fun bodily movement such as properly performed Lightning Fitness is healing, enormously entertaining, safe, and is a way to Freedom.

~ What is Freedom? ~

Many people associate spiritual or ontological freedom with some sort of Nirvana, Samadhi, spiritual God Connection, or some other form of esoteric metaphysical activity.

I would define Freedom in this physical world as follows:

Freedom is when you completely enjoy your existance and what you are doing right now, all the time.

What else matters?

We cannot always control what happens next in our world, we cannot control other people, but at least we can control our own body and our own experience of life.

We cannot entirely control what the world does, but we can surely control how we respond to world events and the environment around us.

What is more freeing than to be able to completely enjoy your life all the time?

How is this possible?

What are you dwelling in all the time no matter where you are in the world, no matter what the world around you is doing?

What is the one constant presence in your life?

The answer is: your body.

Your body is your Paradise

Body is Paradise.

You can enjoy your life all the time because of the joy and power that you have cultivated in your body.

Your body is with you all the time.

Since your body is with you all the time, when your body is flowing with the joy you have cultivated via Lightning Fitness or other practices of your choosing, than you can feel joy all the time.

You can feel joy all the time when your body is feeling joy!

Lightning Fitness is a system that I have developed to help you experience Freedom.

It certainly works for me!

When I am doing my Lightning Fitness routine according to the principles I am describing to you, I feel joy and fun all the time in my body.

The feelings of joy last beyond my actual Lightning Fitness routine which is of necessity finite in duration.

The joy that is cultivated through blood flow and the healthy stimulation of the brain and nervous system carry me throughout my whole day


You cultivate joy in the body through following the Lightning Fitness principles.

You cultivate joy in the body by stimulating your brain and nervous system with rapid movements of the muscles that increase blood flow and cause muscle growth.

Fundamentally we came into existence to grow bodies and make them beautiful.

Lightning Fitness is for growing new tissue and making existing tissue stronger.

As you fulfill your life purpose to grow a body and make it beautiful, you feel joy.

Lightning Fitness enables you to fulfill your life purpose, for which we are all present in this world.

Life was made for fun, not work, and so as you move your body with the intention of having fun and move your body in a fun way, you are adhering to the true purpose of life.

Life was made for fun, and the expression of our Self in the forms of bodies.

As you express yourself through physical movement and grow a strong and beautiful body, you are fulfilling the purpose for which Creation was made in the first place.

Thus you can see, that by practicing physical movement according to these Lightning Fitness principles, you can enjoy Freedom and the Paradise that is your body.

I have no wish other than for your own happiness, as you enjoy the treasure of a happy joyful body.


By practicing Lightning Fitness you can increase the neural pathways to your muscles and thus empower your brain and nervous system.

Your brain and nervous regulate your experience of life by regulating the information going from your sense organs to your brain, which then produces your experience of Reality / life.

As you empower your brain and nervous system via proper physical movement, you experience a new, fresh, and beautiful world.

The world doesn’t have to change or get better, your perception of the world needs to change.

The world is prefect already.

You already dwell in Paradise.

It’s called your body :)

As you empower your brain and nervous system through Lightning Fitness or other healthy happy bodily movements, such as those of a child at play, you enter the Paradise of your own body.

That is the purpose of Lightning Fitness, to help you return to your own native Paradise, your body.

To summarize Lightning Fitness principle number 3:

The more your neural pathways increase through the practice of Lightning Fitness, you experience greater strength, coordination, feeling of Light-ness, and Happiness.

As you practice Lightning Fitness, which is bodily movement meant for fun and self-expression, you fulfill your purpose for existing, which is to grow a body and make it beautiful.

As you stimulate your brain and nervous system through the rapid movements of Lightning Fitness, you enter the Paradise of your own body.

Freedom is bodily freedom.

When your body is healthy and happy and filled with flowing blood and magnetized by a properly activated brain and nervous system, you feel joy in your body no matter what you are doing.

You experience bodily freedom as you experience joy in your body constantly, all the time.

Freedom is freedom of your own body, not changing the world around you.

As you experience Freedom in your body, you can experience a sense of joy and Freedom all the time.

Body is Paradise.

Nurture your body and you can live in Paradise of your own making, all the time.

I hope you enjoy the awareness of this principle of Lightning Fitness!

Strength and Beauty to You!


Principle 4: Self-Sovereignty (Self-Rulership)

I never realized for a long time how important daily joyful physical movement of my body was because in school I always had to move in ways that were uncomfortable for me. I was trained that I had to “exercise” and that this was “work” and it was okay to make my muscle burn and exhaust myself and make my body hurt by pushing my body too hard.

Now that I have discovered the principles of my Lightning Fitness system, I can truly say that my daily Lightning Fitness routine is one of the most freeing, empowering, and joyful aspects of my life!

Suddenly physical movement of my body has become a joyful, empowering thing to do!

I always knew physical movement was important, but it was never fun for me to do until I started moving according to the principles I am describing for you here.

The core of this system is the fact that it is about you.

You determine the pace, not me.

I am providing you with a system of principles, not exact figures.

I am not telling you to do 10 reps at 1 rep per second. I am not giving you any static figures.

Lightning Fitness is a dynamic system that you customize to your bodily needs.

There is no way to generically do Lightning Fitness, you must listen to your own body :)

You can use Lightning Fitness if you have never exercised in your life or if you are a professional athlete.

You set your own pace!

As you move at your own pace in your own way you feel a sense of Self-Sovereignty.

~ Lightning Fitness is About Self-Sovereignty ~

You set your own pace because it requires your own independent attunement with your own body to determine how to perform your movements according to the current capacities of your individual body.

You become Self-Sovereign in the Lightning Fitness system because only you can determine how fast to move and how many cycles of the movement to perform.

You set your own pace and thus are determining at least one thing in your life all by yourself without intervention from anyone else.

Lightning Fitness is your opportunity to express yourself just as you want to, and is thus a way for you to begin to take control of your own life and your own body.

Self-Sovereignty means Self-Rulership, rulership of your Self by your Self, rather than someone else.

You are not being ruled by other, nor are you trying to rule other.

In Self-Sovereignty, you are only regulating your own existence.

Self-Sovereignty is thus a form of Freedom.

When you are practicing Lightning Fitness you alone are determining your bodily movements.

When you are at work, perhaps someone else is attempting to dictate your bodily movements.

When you are with family, perhaps they might be attempting to influence your bodily movements and the decisions you make.

When you are practicing Lightning Fitness, you alone are determining your precise bodily movements.

You are in control of your own life and body because Lightning Fitness is a system about you, not me.

Lightning Fitness is not a rigid structure.

Lightning Fitness is not a religion where I tell you how the body works and how the world works.

Lightning Fitness is a system of Self-exploration, Self-empowerment, and Self-expression where you determine the pace and how to move your body.

I do, of course, provide the kinds of movements that I perform on a daily basis as part of my practice of Lightning Fitness.

I provide videos where you can observe the specific movements that I have created by myself as part of my daily Lightning Fitness practice.

But as you can see:

By understanding the core principles of Lightning Fitness, you can easily create your own bodily movements and know that you are doing so in harmony with the way the body is structured.

What I am really providing to you in the form of my Lightning Fitness system is a way for you to enjoy your body and express yourself in a way that is harmonious with the laws of the universe.

Following the flow of joy is just part of how the universe works.

As you follow this principle and other Lightning Fitness principles, you will find you can explore all manner of actual physical movements of your own design and you will enjoy them all!

I am simply providing a road map, a guide, that enables you to live your life as you want to, moving your body in the ways you want to, while being in structured harmony with the very fabric of Creation Itself.

In this way, you can enjoy your life and your body, and feel Self-Sovereignty, Freedom, and express yourself in ever-new ways.

My Lightning Fitness routine videos are meant for your entertainment and to give you ideas for movements that you can use as they are, or use as a basis for new movements.

My Lightning Fitness routine videos are meant as a support structure for you to encourage you to move.

The core of Lightning Fitness however is what I am providing to you right here, for free, which is the ability to know how to move your body in ways that you will find enjoyable, empowering, and deeply fulfilling.

~ Lighting Fitness is Prop-Free, thus Focusing You on Your Self ~

There are no props in Lightning Fitness.

There are no weights, machines, cables, cords, blocks, bands, specific clothing, specific times of the year, specific climates, specific weather conditions, or any other environmental factors that are part of the Lightning Fitness system.

The only factor in Lightning Fitness is YOU.

Your body is the only thing required to do Lightning Fitness.

When you are performing Lightning Fitness the only thing your attention has to focus on is your own body.

You become absorbed in the beauty of how your own body works as you do Lightning Fitness properly.

Since you are moving so fast, your attention is drawn to your body as per Lightning Fitness principles 1 and 3.

Since you are following the flow of joy, you are having fun focusing on yourself, as per Lightning Fitness principle number 2.

Well now!!!

What have we here?

Something very unusual is happening!

You are having FUN focusing on yourself!

You are having FUN spending time with yourself!

In a world that distracts people from their bodies for so long that when they finally face themselves they don’t like what they see, you instead can enjoy focusing on yourself.

In a world of distractions from your body and thus your life, Lightning Fitness is providing you with an opportunity to, in a structure way, enjoy relating with your Self, your body.

~ Body is Self ~

Your body is your Self.

Your body is the part of you that is wholly expressed in this physical world and is what people around you can perceive of you.

People cannot easily perceive what you are thinking these days, they cannot easily know your future plans or private wishes.

People can easily see your body.

When you are trying to express yourself to others, your body is what people see instantly and easily.

When you want people to understand you or appreciate you, your bodily posture, shape, and movements are the way people can most easily learn about you.

Your body is your tool of expression of your Self.

As you express yourself in your body, people SEE you and understand you.

Lightning Fitness is prop-free.

Lightning Fitness is thus distraction-free.

Lightning Fitness is perhaps the one system in your life that encourages you to focus on your Self, your body.

As you empower your Self, your body, you grow very very very powerful.

People appreciate you in a new way and you can get much more done in your physical life to make your life the way you want it to be.

A powerful body means a powerful life, where you feel in control and can obtain what you want for your life.

I write from my own personal experiences of using Lightning Fitness. :)

Lightning Fitness is prop-free, meaning it is about YOU, not the weights you are lifting, or what gym you are a member of, or who your training partner is, or who you have trained, or what cool training equipment you have.

Lightning Fitness is solely and entirely about your Self, your body.

When you touch things, you learn from them non-verbally.

Have you ever noticed that people who love cars start to resemble them?

How people that love cats start to have cat-like features?

Whatever we touch and absorb our minds in we become similar to.

People who lift blocky iron weights start to look hard and blocky.

The props people use when they exercise affect the growth and shape of their bodies.

When you use my Lightning Fitness system, you are not using any props whatsoever.

Consequently, it is only your own body that is informing the future growth and shape of your body as you move using only your own body.

This develops your awareness of your Self, your body, in new ways.

You discover how perfectly the body is constructed for your maximum enjoyment of life.

You discover the beauty and complexity of the body.

Rather than having your mind numbed by the loud radio and crude non-expressive iron weights of the gym, you are having an all encompassing union with your own body.

The body molds itself to whatever your mind is focused on.

If your mind is focusing only on your body and no props are involved, your body molds according to its own native DNA blueprint.

You begin to discover the majesty of life as, through a new understanding of your own body, you begin to understand the laws of the universe.

As you explore your own body you find your body is a microcosm of the macrocosm which is the entirety of Creation.

The same Cosmic laws that are operative in your body are operative in the atom and the Sun and your neighbor and your cat.

As you understand your Self, your body, you easily begin to understand everyone and everything else around you.

You begin to experience the uniting fundamental fabric of life, the code of the atom.

The reason I chose to keep Lightning Fitness prop-free is because then your Lightning Fitness practice becomes a method of introspecting, of discover yourself, and the universe and Everything.

Lightning Fitness is a way for you to discover the beauty and majesty of life from the inside out.

You can thus learn about the cosmos from your room, from your very own home.

You can travel the whole world and meet all varieties of people, and yet come home still feeling empty inside and not knowing who you are and why you are here in this world.

If you spend quality time with your body without any external distractions, and without any props, you will begin to comprehend the masterful construction of the body.

As you comprehend the beauty of the body, you will begin to understand the simple yet incredibly wise Intelligence that built the body.

As you comprehend the wisdom and beauty behind the construction of the body through movement of the body, you will discover your own True Nature.

For who else built and runs the body other than you?

Lightning Fitness is a method for you to connect to your Higher Self, your True Nature, and thus experience a completeness in your life that you were always looking for.

~ Lightning Fitness is for Physical Beauty, Strength, and Spiritual Fulfillment all at the same time ~

Please remember this principle of Self-Sovereignty at all times:

You don’t need anyone or anything to feel complete.

You are complete unto yourself.

You don’t need any props or training partners in the Lightning Fitness system because you are complete unto yourself.

As you practice Lightning Fitness without distractions from the radio, training partners, or props such as iron weights or bands, you discover your body anew.

As you discover your body anew, you discover your Self anew.

As you comprehend the beauty of the body and realize you are the Intelligence that made the body, you realize:

Body is Paradise.

Life is Paradise.

Life is meant for Fun.

Body is meant for the Joy of Self-Expression in the form of Beauty.


You are the Cosmic Designer of the Body


You Are Infinite Power, Joy, and Beauty.

Please remember this at all times, and you will find such joy in your Lightning Fitness practice that you will make sure you make time for your bodily movements no matter what.

Because Lightning Fitness is prop-free and focused on you and your personal Self-Sovereignty, Lightning Fitness is a method for increasing your physical beauty, strength, and spiritual fulfillment all at the same time.

Thus your body will become very strong, your mind will become very sharp, and you will soar through life on the wings of Self-Sovereignty.

Beauty and Strength to You!


Principle 5: Beauty is the Greatest Physical Measure of All-Rounded Progress

In my opinion, Creation was started so that we could express our own Beauty in the forms of bodies.

Thus I would consider Beauty and Fun to be the reason for the existence of Creation.

Therefore, I consider the increase of Beauty to be sign of progress in life.

I would however like to talk about what Beauty is in this context.

Beauty to is not one-dimensional.

For Beauty is not simply the size of one’s breasts or the size of one’s biceps, or the tone of one’s skin.

For me, Beauty is all-encompassing, it includes the tone of your skin, the tone of the muscles, the shape of your bones, the size and capacity of your lungs, the strength of your lymphatic system, the power of your nervous system, the light in your DNA system, and the shine in your hair and your eyes.

For me, Beauty is the whole rainbow of Life, and all aspects of Beauty must be in balance and must have their proper place in your life.

Someone cannot be one-sided and have the type of Beauty I am referring to.

The type of Beauty I am referring to is ever-new, for the very flux and flow of the Universe causes your body to grow in new ways and as you stay in harmony with the universe around you, your beauty grows ever-newly.

So for me, Beauty involves every factor of your life, not just one thing only.

For lack of understanding this principle of my Lightning Fitness system, many body builders doom themselves to an early grave.

When a body builder takes steroids thinking that bigger muscles = better and more beautiful, they neglect to analyze the consequences to the hormonal balance in their bodies.

Body builders who do not take into account the totality of Beauty ruin their heart muscles because the steroids and their excessive body building routine strain their bodies beyond capacity.

Body builders who pursue one-sided beauty die at an early age or are forced to retire from their career early.

Why should an athlete who is pursuing bodily achievement in a healthy way ever have to retire from their lifestyle?

One of the signs of pursuing bodily growth in a balanced way is that you become truly stronger and stronger and more beautiful over time.

How is it true “strength” if, as a consequence of pursuing great strength, you die young or have to retire from your strength-training pursuits?

In Lightning Fitness, you become truly strong, because your body becomes able to exert greater force on the objects of your environment over time, is able to carry its own weight more easily (read more in principle number 1 about this concept), and you are having more and more fun in your body all the time.

The more fun you are having in your body, the healthier you are becoming.

How can you easily measure your strength?

I have friends of mine that I wrestle with, so I know that my Lightning Fitness is making me stronger, because I perform better and better in my wrestling matches with my friends.

But it is true that wrestling only works certain muscle groups.

A wrestling match is not an adequate test of your sprinting capacity, how fast you can run for how long :)

How can you easily measure your all-rounded strength?

The answer is Beauty.

The measure of true strength is easily seen as all-angled balanced Beauty.

For example:

Runners and hurdlers may develop extremely powerful legs, and seen with minimal clothing, such runners will look a bit imbalanced, with far more muscle mass in their lower body than in their chest, neck, and head regions.

If such a runner wants to obtain a beautiful, balanced, aesthetically pleasing look, he or she should begin to cultivate the muscles that are not being used during running.

Suppose one day a runner who only focuses on running needs to suddenly lift an enormous weight to help a friend or save a child’s life.

If the runner has only cultivated his or her legs, the task will be difficult if not impossible.

True all-rounded Beauty is not only a sign of health, it is also extraordinarily functional.

When you cultivate the body in an all-rounded way that expresses aesthetic Beauty, you are also able to perform a wider variety of tasks that could be helpful or life-saving.

Imagine a body builder who only focus on cultivating his biceps, chest muscles, shoulder muscles, and back muscles.

Seen with minimal clothing such a body builder would look very imbalanced, with an enormous chest atop a very small set of legs, with a tiny neck and lack of facial muscle development (yes in Lightning Fitness I do show you how to cultivate your head, facial, and jaw muscles, they are just as important as every other muscle).

Clearly, developing only one part of the body will not lead to Beauty.

And developing only one part of the body will not lead to strength either.

If such a body builder, with only an emphasis only on the chest, goes to do squats or leg-presses or lift an extraordinary weight with their shoulders, they will be much less effective at lifting the weight than if they also cultivated their legs.

The body works as a unit and no part is extra.

As you cultivate all-rounded Beauty, the body can maximize its power and effectiveness in performing any task.

Therefore, the sign of true strength is Beauty.

What is true strength?

Well, what is false strength?

If a body builder develops massive biceps but does not give correspondingly appropriate attention to their triceps, they risk injury.

Sports injuries in body building and many sports can easily come from developing only certain muscle groups.

Developing only certain muscle groups doesn’t look pretty and is not functional.

Here is an example:

If a runner develops her hamstrings and calves far more than her shin muscles and frontal thigh muscles, she can easily injure herself.

If she starts running extremely fast in a forward direction, a motion that utilizes primarily the hamstrings and calf muscles, the muscles on the back side of the legs, she will have incredible forward momentum because she has developed these muscles so thoroughly.

But if this same runner finds that she must suddenly change direction, and in fact completely reverse the muscular emphasis of her movements by coming to a sudden screeching halt, she is now using her frontal leg muscles, her shin muscles and frontal thigh muscles (quads).

Since she has not cultivated the frontal leg muscles nearly as well her rear leg muscles, coming to a screeching halt using her weak muscles after launching herself forward with her strong muscles is very likely to cause a muscle sprain or tear due to lack of balanced development of her body.

A leg whose rear muscles are developed more than the frontal muscles does not look as beautiful as a leg where both the front and rear muscle groups are large and developed.

You can see clearly that the information garnered during a Beauty-analysis of the runner’s legs can easily be used to help that runner prevent injury.

If she would look at her legs and realize that through her training practices she is cultivating only an imbalanced growth of her leg muscles, she would realize she must change her routine and emphasize her frontal leg muscles more.

This is easily done by running backwards on a frequent basis.

Running backwards works primarily the frontal leg muscles, the shin muscles, frontal thigh muscles (quads), frontal hip muscles, and abdominals.

Running backwards also tends to work your neck muscles since you usually want to look at were you are going :)

If our runner in this example would cultivate her legs to a more beautiful balanced appearance, she would reduce her risk of injury when the unexpected occurs and she must rely on the all-rounded multi-directional strength of her body.

Beautiful Body = functionality = strength = healthy = safe and injury-free

When you cultivate the muscle and all the body regions in a balanced way you reduce the risk of injury.

You can easily cultivate the muscles and all the body regions in a balanced way by routinely analyzing the beauty of your body.

Look for proper symmetry and flow within and between the muscle groups and body parts.

~ How Do We Know Beauty When We See It? ~

With all that said, how do we know what Beauty is when we are staring at it?

There are so many kinds of beauty!

The beauty of a tree is very different than the beauty of a fox, or a rabbit, a lightning bolt, the rain, or the ocean.

Yet they are all beautiful to behold :)

So what is Beauty?

How can you look at your body and know if it is Beautiful or not?

To understand how all the varied forms of life can be simultaneously Beautiful we must analyze what it is that unites all the varied forms of life.

What unites all of Life?

The answer is:

The Laws of Creation

There are fundamental laws that govern all of life from the atom to the Sun and everything in-between.

As your bodily cultivation adheres to the Laws of Creation you will be growing the body in a balanced beautiful way.

As the body forms itself according to the Laws of Creation it will just look beautiful to people.

We are creatures whose bodies are built by the Laws of Nature.

Whether we know it or not, our bodies are the Laws of Nature made manifest into form, and so we intuitively understand the Laws of Nature as we understand our own body.

We then know what health and beauty look like relative to our form.

~ Beauty is Different For Everyone ~

So Beauty is different for everyone, and we can obtain our own unique Beauty through adherence to the Laws of Creation


So what are the laws of Creation?

The Lightning Fitness principles are designed to help you attune with the Laws of Creation so you can cultivate the body in a balanced, beautiful way.

~ The Flow of Joy Leads to Beauty ~

As you practice Lightning Fitness principle number 2, you will invariably find you cultivate Beauty of the body.

It will never be in the flow of joy to do the same routine over and over and cultivate the muscles in an imbalanced way.

The flow of joy will demand variety in your exercise routine and will cause you to vary the speed at which you do a given movement depending on the day, your current diet, your emotional state, your daily workload, and how frequently you move that muscle or muscle group.

As you follow the flow of joy in all your Lightning Fitness movements you will find you are developing balanced, all-rounded, functional Beauty of your body.

When you are wanting to test to see how strong you are becoming in a balanced way, simply observe the beauty of your body.

When you want to find the weaker points in your bodily structure that need to be strengthened, look for places where the Beauty of the body is not as great as it could be.

Through analyzing the Beauty of your body, you can make sure you are cultivating a body that at all stages of your growth process is functional, healthy, happy, and is fit container for you, the Infinite Cosmic Beauty.

Principle 6: Ease of Use (Convenience)

You can easily break up lightning fitness routines throughout your day to fit between projects or other duties.

Lightning Fitness routines are relatively short because you are moving so fast when doing the exercises, due to Lightning Fitness principle number 1.

Lightning Fitness routines are also prop-free, due to Lightning Fitness principle number 4, and so you can do Lightning Fitness routine any time, any where.

Literally, you are free to do your Lightning Fitness routines any time, any where, under any conditions!

This means that Lightning Fitness movements can perfectly fit into even little nooks and crannies in your daily life schedule.

Suppose you have 15 minutes while you are waiting for your partner to finish preparing herself for an evening outing.

Or suppose you have 10 minutes while you are waiting for your children to get ready for school.

Or imagine you just started your first 15 minute break at work.


All you need is your body and a little time and you can get fit fast and feel beautiful and be filled with the joy of enjoying your bodily Paradise.

~ A System Designed for Modern Times ~

Due to the ever-increasingly busy nature of the modern world, there is less and less time it seems for your personal pursuits and bodily cultivation.

Lightning Fitness is a way you can fulfill your urges for:

-bodily movement


-creative expression

-Spiritual communion

-doing something fun to make your day more exciting

You fulfill all these urges at once as you do Lightning Fitness because bodily cultivation is the original all-in-one Art and Science of Life itself.

As you understand your body, you understand the Universe.

As you beautify your body, you beautify the world you live in with your bodily presence.

As you make your blood flow and strengthen your brain and nervous system, you increase your joy of living.

As you cultivate your body you cultivate your bodily expression in this world.

All of these exceptionally important core aspects of your life can be fulfilled in the 5, 10, or 15 minutes little spaces in your busy daily life schedule.

You can fulfill your deep life-longings in about 5 or 10 minutes of properly performed Lightning Fitness routines on a daily basis.

What I am saying is that not even the busy modern world that keeps you working “in the grind” can stop you from pursuing happiness.

You have the right to pursue happiness and via Lightning Fitness I am showing you how you can, even in busy modern times!

Lightning Fitness is extremely easy to use on a frequent basis because Lightning Fitness routines are fast, prop-free, and deeply fulfilling.

Because Lightning Fitness is so fulfilling, you find you can make the time to do your bodily movements, and then you enjoy your life more.

As you enjoy your life and your body more, then you can get more done in your life and you will be happier.

This makes Lightning Fitness even easier to use, because you can get your other duties performed faster because you are happier, stronger, and move more efficiently.

You get injured less often and don’t get sick, so all other aspects of your life improve as your bodily health improves.

As the other aspects of your life improve, you have more time and energy for Lightning Fitness.

So you see this upward spiral into ever-greater Joy and Beauty continues the more you move your body in a fun way according to the principles of Lightning Fitness.

Lightning Fitness is easy to use because the more you do it, the more you love doing it, and the easier your whole life becomes.

You may end up doing 40 minute or 2 hour Lightning Fitness routines, because you enjoy them so much.

You can still get the benefits of rigorous bodily movement in just 10 or 15 minutes though, and consequently you will be happier throughout the whole rest of your day.

So fundamentally, Lightning Fitness is easy to do because you can get results quickly, you don’t need a gym or any props, and it is so much fun that you will keep doing it.

So now you can see one of the other reasons I call my system Lightning Fitness:

You get fit fast because you can do the routines quickly, you get fast results, you enjoy the results, and so you can keep doing the routines and thus cultivate deep levels of health, beauty, and strength.

Lightning Fitness is my answer to the demands of modern times, which would prevent us from having time to cultivate our bodies if not for a fast, easy, prop-free, safe exercise system that you can utilize any time, any where, in the little moments between daily duties.

Principle Summary:

Lightning Fitness is really quite easy to use and you will be surprised at all the occasions during your day where a short Lightning Fitness routine can fit in, and thus boost your enjoyment of life tremendously.

I hope you enjoy using this system!


Principle 7: Variety of Movement Leads to Beauty

It is very important to have variety in your Lightning Fitness routines.

In my video products, I offer you a large number of variations on the basic Lightning Fitness poses so that you can cultivate a Beautiful body.

Beauty comes from variety, just look at Nature.

She has so much variety!

There is so much variety in Nature and this is what makes Her Beautiful.

When you are tired of the forest you can look at the desert, when you are tired of rolling dunes you can jump in the ocean.

When you are tired of water you can dig in the earth.

When you are satisfied with foxes you can absorb yourself in horses.

And all these aspects of Nature become ever-new themselves over time!

So when you return to foxes and trees you will find them new and different since you directed your attention to other aspects of life.

We as creatures love variety.

As you create variety in your Lightning Fitness routines, you will cultivate different shapes and qualities of bodily Beauty.

Each time you do a new variation on an existing movement or do an entirely new movement, you cultivate a new kind of shape in the your body structures.

All your predominant bodily movements cultivates a specific combination of shapes that becomes your total bodily beauty when your body is seem from every angle in every possible position.

Certain bodily movements will emphasize certain angles and make you look better in certain poses.

As you cultivate variety in your Lightning Fitness routines you will maximize your Beauty as seem from every angle and in every possible position.

This increases the chances that when you are among others, no matter what angle they see you from, they will see something they like.

This increases the likelihood that when you are called to sudden unexpected movement in an unexpected angle, your body will be strong in that position and you will not be injured.

In my Lightning Fitness videos I show you movements that I do and what parts of my body are stimulated from doings those motions.

As you understand the movement I am showing you and what kind of Beauty it cultivates in the body, you will know how to combine the Lightning Fitness movements and which ones to do when, to maximize the precise type of Beauty that you are wanting to cultivate.

As you understand variety in Lightning Fitness movements, you will also understand in a whole new way the importance of variety in the rest of your life and will begin to do familiar things in new ways to increase your joy of living.

Variety of movement leads to ever-greater Beauty



Principle 8: Varying the Range of Motion of the Movement Leads to New Growth

When you do any of the Lightning Fitness movements, there is always a range of the motion that you are doing from the most contracted portion of the motion to the fully extended position of the motion.

All movements follow a natural arc, a natural sphere of motion through time and space.

This is because, fundamentally, our body starts wtih a single sphere.

When the body is first being built in the womb of woman, it starts as a single cell, an approximately spherical object.

From a single sphere, two spheres form, from two, four, then eight and so on.

As the number of spherical cells increases, the opportunities for greater complexity of the form increases.

Ultimately you end with the shape of the human body, which does not look like a perfect sphere.

Every small unit of the body IS however a sphere or is roughly spherical, whether you look at the atomic or the cellular level.

Since the human body is made essentially of spheres and starts as a single sphere, all things that the human body does end up reflecting its developmental origins.

Since all bodily movements have an arc-like and spherical aspect to them, you can play with how much of the arc you follow and how much of the sphere you fulfill.

When you do bodily movements very fast, you will understand better what I mean about all motions having a tendency to form a sphere.

Imagine doing a simple bicep curl motion extremely fast with the same range of motion each time you cycle through the movement.

Imagine doing the bicep curl so fast that the whole movement just becomes a blur.

This blur will tend to approximate a sphere.

It may be only the top arc of a sphere, or the frontal portion of a whole sphere, but the emphasize on sphere and arc and curve will definitely be noticeable due to the shape of the joints of the human body in addition to its fundamental construction at the atomic level.

Every atom is a sphere :)

~ Sphere and Arc and Curve Motions Increase Beauty ~

As you take into account that spheres and arcs have so much to do with human body construction, you will learn to put spheres and arcs and curves into your bodily movements to increase your physical Beauty.

Having said that, please realize that not every movement you do has to cover the whole arc of the range of motion of the movement!

There are extraordinary advantages to doing only part of the range of motion of a Lighting Fitness movement.

1. Your body is not yet strong enough to do the full range of motion

When your body is not strong enough to do the full range of a movement at a high speed, doing only part of the full range of motion will ultimately enable you to do the full range of motion after some muscle growth has occurred.

2. Variety

If your muscles are tired of doing one part of the range of motion of a movement you can move to a different part of the range of motion so that movement is fun, new, and invigorating to do.

3. Aesthetics

When you are going for a particular look, I can help you to understand what portion of the range of motion of a movement to do to achieve that look.

I offer phone counseling sessions and private lessons for precisely this reason.

Using the understanding of the body that I have cultivated and the Lighting Fitness poses that I have developed, and by utilizing specific parts of the range of motion of a movement, I can show you how to achieve precisely the kind of Beauty you want your body to have.

For Example:

Suppose you notice something during your body building endeavors which I myself experienced.

I noticed that my triceps (opposite your biceps, the triceps are the back of the mid-section of your arm) were getting bulkier, but only close to my shoulders.

I wanted my triceps to lengthen out and extend down closer to my elbow, rather than only bulking up in their upper portion, close to the shoulder muscles.

By doing my Lighting Fitness triceps exercises (similar to a bicep curl) while emphasizing the part of the range of motion where my elbows are most extended, and my hands are further from my body, I sent the signal to my triceps to lengthen down to the elbow.

If, by contrast, I were to only do the range of motion of the movement where my elbows are more closed and my hands are closer to my chest, I would be emphasizing the upper part of my triceps closer to my shoulder muscles.

When I do the portion of the range of motion that is between full extension and full contraction, I end up emphasizing the mid-portion of my tricep muscles.


You see?

It’s not that complicated but it is extraordinarily powerful!

Playing with the range of motion of a Lighting Fitness pose can help you cultivate new kinds of beauty and achieve precisely the physical appearance that you want

I hope you enjoy playing with the idea of intentionally varying the range of motion of your movements!

Please let me know how this principle works out for you :)

Beauty and Strength to You!



Lightning Fitness Principles Conclusion

The above are some of the core principles of my Lighting Fitness system.

As time goes on I will add more to this list.

As you practice the core principles mentioned above, you can easily create your own movements that will qualify as proper Lightning Fitness movements and will thus bring you great joy, Beauty, and health.

If you cultivate a particular movement that you perform according to the principles of Lightning Fitness that you want to share with me, please make a video and send it to me, or describe it to me in an email!

The video products that I offer you show you a variety of Lightning Fitness movements that I myself have cultivated and practice on a daily basis.

I offer videos that are entire Lightning Fitness routines that you can use frequently to develop your body in a balanced beautiful way.

Every video product that I offer to you shows me performing movements according to these Lightning Fitness Principles.

If you understand these Lightning Fitness principles you can then appreciate why I enjoy doing my Lightning Fitness movements so much and why they are so beneficial to the human body.

Beauty and Health to You!



Complimentary Videos:
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When you see me doing Lightning Fitness you will see why it is so fun and easy, yet also so growth-producing!

I guide you through the basic pose and this gives you the chance to try the pose yourself.

Once you have actually tried the Lightning Fitness poses in these videos, all the information I am sharing with you will merge with your own life experience of using the pose, and the mixture will coalesce into a new body for you!

See and practice Lightning Fitness with these videos!


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