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- Lightning Fitness Diet: The Paradise Diet

- What About Raw Food?

- Paradise Foods

- There is No One Diet For Everyone

Three Food Types:

- The Three Food Types of the Paradise Dietary System

- What About Grains, Sprouts, Legumes, and Honey?

- What About Cravings?

- Paradise Food Type: Fruit

- Paradise Food Type: Leafy Greens and Other Vegetables

- Paradise Food Type: Nuts In the Shell and Other Fats

- Paradise is the Balance of the Three Food Types

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~ Introduction ~

I cannot emphasize enough how important diet is when it comes to movement and exercise.

If I eat a certain way it can literally give me the energy and enthusiasm to exercise, to the point that I can’t stop myself!

Eating right can literally give you so much energy that you will find yourself spontaneously dancing and jumping around.

Your diet can literally make the difference between whether you do a Lightning Fitness routine on any given day or not.

Your choice of foods can literally decide for you how many Lightning Fitness routines you will be able to do and how long each routine will last.


Why is diet so important?

No matter how you analyze the situation, our bodies can only build themselves with the materials that we ingest.

Whether you are ingesting light through your hair and brain, or you are ingesting liquids, or you are eating hard foods, your body is making itself out of whatever you consume.

And since your body is your Self in this physical plane, what you eat literally affects who you are.

Your food choices can affect your emotions.

Your food choices can affect your thoughts.

Your food choices ARE your life choices.

What you eat and, just as importantly, how you eat, very much affects who you become as an individual.

Your body is your Soul made manifest into physical form.

Your body and the movements that you make affect your mind and your Soul-nature as well.

Dancing and making beautiful physical movements increases mental clarity, mental organization, and empowers your Higher Self / Soul nature.

And, incidentally, what we eat affects our minds and ultimately affects the course of our lives as well.

I am not saying that food controls your thoughts, I am saying food can affect your thoughts.

Your health and your thoughts are truly only determined by you, not by food, and you can overcome limiting environmental circumstances and limited food options by ingesting light through your hair and your brain.

The light from the higher planes is a food source no one can take away from you.

Lightning Fitness Dietary Principle:

How you eat your food is just as important as what you eat.

You can eat raw foods with concern that the goji berries might be slightly old and dehydrating, and thus limit your health.

You can eat a hamburger and atomically re-arrange the ingested matter and turn it into pure light and joy and rainbow happiness and thus only increase your health and state of well-being.

Truly, it is not just what you eat that matters, but also your attitude while eating.

If you realize that you are more powerful than any physical substance, than you will be master of your food, rather than being dependent on it.

This is particularly useful information for you, since you live on planet earth and are ingesting “unusual” air every day.

There is no part of this globe that has escaped the polluting influence of modern human culture.

We ALL are ingesting non-raw, non-organic-certified substances via the air and, quite often, the water supply.

Our air supply is not certified GMO-free (free of genetically modified substances) :)

If nothing else, every time you encounter a person who is not eating healthy foods, their bodies give off the physical substances that they are ingesting and your body has to deal with those emissions.

So at all times, in all ways, please realize, you are far more powerful than any substance you can ingest or have forced upon you to ingest.

Whether you are too young to make your own house-hold food choices, or you are simply a resident of planet earth and are ingesting the air of this world, please realize, you can transform the substances that you ingest into wonderful life-giving foods.

You can transform the air that you ingest into wonderful sustaining food.

You are not a slave to your environment, you are the master of your environment.

You are the King/Queen of your life, and you can magnetize all of atomic Creation around you to dance to the song of joyous harmony that you create.

So, with that said, why not choose the foods that are most natural to the human body so that you don’t have to do much extra work to transform the food substances?

Then the majority of your life force is engaged in utilizing the foods you are eating for vital sustenance and new body growth, rather than first using up time and energy by converting the foods into usable substances.

The Lightning Fitness Diet:

~ The Paradise Diet ~

The Lightning Fitness diet is what I call the Paradise Diet.

I developed the Paradise Diet after years of research into raw foods, cooked foods, and heavily processed foods.

In the course of my life I have tried many diets, ranging from meat-eater, to salad-and-pasta vegetarian, to tofu-eating vegan, to only-fruit raw foodist.

I have tried many different combinations of every diet I have tried, and what I am presenting to you now as my Paradise Diet is the sum-total of what I have learned during my whole life in regards to food.

The Paradise Diet

There is only one rule in my entire Paradise Diet system.

The one rule is the only thing you ever need to remember about my system in order to thrive in the realm of food choices.

It may seem easy at first, but trust me, you will be perfecting this one rule for many years, if you choose to.

The one rule of the Paradise Diet system is:

“Listen to your body”

This means that in all manner of dietary choices, ranging from food-type to quantity to frequency to social-requirements to everything else, you should always ALWAYS listen to your own body.

Please note that I am suggesting that you listen to YOUR body, not some else’s!

Someone else may say “Oh! Look! Ice cream! Let’s have some!”

If your body doesn’t want ice cream you can kindly say to such a person: “Please enjoy eating your ice cream, my body doesn’t want any.”

I will not claim that some foods are good and some are bad.

I am not capable of making such broad proclamations, nor do I need to.

How do I know what your body needs right now, today, at this moment, to go on living?

How do I know where your body is in its progression to its ultimate state and what that ultimate state is?

I don’t need to know :)

I will simply tell you this:

Always always always listen to your own body.

Don’t let the culture, your friends, your parents, what’s easy to access, what’s cheap, or what diet teachers are recommending to distract you from listening to your own body.

Let your body be your supreme dietary authority.

She is after all the one who is going to have to process whatever you choose to eat!

So let your body decide what you eat!

Listening to your body is not necessarily easy :)

In order to listen to your body, you have to not let your mind get in the way.

You have to truly deeply feel your body, feel your stomach, and see what your body is telling you.

This process of re-attuning with your body will enable you to eat the way animals eat.

~ Why Are Wild Animals Healthy and Beautiful? ~

Wild animals follow their bodily instincts and stay healthy and beautiful by eating only what their bodies tell them to eat.

A wild animal will only eat the amount of food its body tells it to eat.

Wild animals listen to their bodies.

If you want to be beautiful and healthy as the wild animals are, please consider listening to your own body just as they do!

~ What About Raw Food? ~

Curiously enough, a wild animal only eats raw food by majority, since that is all that is available.

How can we neglect the following set of observations:

1. Humans are the only animals that cook their food

2. Humans are the only animals that pollute the planet.

3. Humans are the sickest group of animals on the planet.

4. Humans are the only animals that possess weapons of mass destruction that can destroy all life on the planet, including themselves.

5. Fire was the first weapon of mass destruction, enabling whole villages to be torched at once.

6. Humans are using the first weapon of mass destruction to alter their food.

7. Humans are using weapons of mass destruction to heat their homes and thus survive in parts of the world that are away from their natural habitat and therefore away from their natural food sources.

Again, I refuse to proclaim that a food is right or wrong for you, good or bad for you.

I am, however, making a set of observations above that I do think you’d be hard pressed to find fault with.

The above seven statements are facts, not judgements.

I am not passing judgement on humans, I am analyzing their current state.

The seven facts above clearly indicate that the distinguishing trait of humans as compared with animals is not vocal communication, but the fact that humans use fire to cook their food.

And I don’t know about you, but to me the distinguishing characteristics of humans as compared with wild animals are that humans are sick and miserable and wild animals are beautiful and happy.


So I can’t help but surmise that there is a connection between eating food that has not been treated by fire, and being healthy.

And I cannot help but surmise that there is a connection between being physical healthy and beautiful, and being happy.

Even though I feel that you should eat whatever your body truly wants, I do feel that eventually your body will call for more and more raw, unprocessed foods that are in their natural state.

Lightning Fitness Dietary Principle:

I do feel that our bodies are genetically wired for the consumption of raw, untreated foods that are given to us straight from our Mother, the planet Herself.

If you wonder whether such a diet is feasible and beneficial, ask any wild animal.

An entire planetful of sentient, happy creatures have been thriving on raw foods as long as life has existed on this planet.

The only rule in my Paradise Diet system is to listen to your body.

I do feel that as you listen to your body more and more, you will be called to return to the natural genetic groove of eating raw unprocessed foods as this is what your body will find it ultimately thrives on.

My body tells me quite clearly that it thrives on and absolutely loves unprocessed raw foods that are in their natural state.

If your body doesn’t tell you the same thing today, that’s okay, I am not saying something is amiss.

Listen your body!

As you refine your dietary choices more and more, I do feel your body will eventually, if not immediately, tell you that it thrives most on natural raw foods.

~ Paradise Foods ~

I feel that the healthiest, most life-giving foods on the planet are raw, unprocessed foods that are in their natural state, just as they would be in Nature itself.

Obviously cooked meats, dairy products, vitamins and supplements, powdered wheat grass, whey protein, fast foods, and health food bars are not Paradise Foods.

But what about some so-called “raw foods”?

Dehydrated foods are not in their natural state.

Dried goji berries and other dried fruits are considered raw foods, but they are not Paradise Foods by my standards.

Dried fruit is not in its natural state because all the water is absent and I find that dried fruits upset my teeth.

Fresh water-laden fruits are quite enjoyable however because such fruits are in their natural state.

I hope you can see clearly one of the areas where my Paradise Diet system differs from the “raw food” diet system.

As another example, dehydrated flax crackers are not within the realm of the foods that I deem to be ultimately, truly beneficial for humans because there is no such thing as a flax cracker tree.

Even if there was a flax cracker tree that, at the height of spring, yielded luscious, juicy flax crackers from white flowering branches to a ravenous flax-cracker-eating squirrel population, STILL, dehydrated flax crackers wouldn’t be a Paradise food because of the absence of their natural water content :)

Due to the absence, as far as I know, of a flax cracker tree, the dehydrated flax cracker is doubly not a Paradise Food because:

1. the flax cracker is dehydrated (and water is very very important)

2. what in heaven is a flax cracker anyway? The Goddess of Creation did not put together the ingredients of the flax cracker Herself, some human did it.

If you absolutely adore flax crackers please forgive me for my boldness.

If you find you experience constipation please reconsider your affinity for flax crackers.

You can take my analysis of the plight of the dehydrated flax cracker much further however, and apply my logic to all foods in your home and at the supermarket.

If a food you are eating doesn’t grow in Nature, than it is not a Paradise Food.

If a food you are eating grows in Nature but is not in its natural state, than it is not a Paradise Food.

Fresh foods that are in the same state that they would be in if they were still in Nature are the only foods that are Paradise Foods.

Flax crackers clearly are not Paradise Foods.

You will not be experiencing Paradise if you eat an over-abundance of flax crackers or other non-Paradise Foods.

I speak from personal experience.

So if you try out the Paradise Diet you will be happy at least for the following reasons:

1. you don’t need to eat weird experimental “raw foods” like flax crackers

2. you don’t have to buy lots of vitamins and expensive supplements

3. you don’t have to buy expensive “superfoods” like goji berries, maca (a powdered root vegetable), and cacoa.

4. you don’t need hemp protein or whey protein powders

5. you can enjoy eating just like wild animals, who are healthy, happy, and beautiful all the time

6. you get to listen to your own body, and she is the only one who will be digesting everything you eat anyway!

~ Is the Paradise Diet Expensive or Hard to Maintain? ~

I thrive on a diet of foods that I can obtain from the fresh produce section of any food store in the world.

I have had Paradise Food meals at airports around the United States.

You can eat the Paradise Diet anywhere in the world, whether you are in a city or living in the wild.

When I started eating using my Paradise Diet system, I reduced my food bills to 1/3 of what they used to be.

My monthly food bill went from $600 USD per month to $200 per month.

I spend roughly $30-40 USD per week on food.

If you consider the fact that as you eat healthier you will get sick less often and your food will become your only medicine, realize that you are removing medical expenses from your life and improving your standard of living.

I consider the Paradise Diet to not only be inexpensive but also deeply rewarding.

The Paradise Diet has dramatically improved my experience of life on a daily basis.


How to Eat the Paradise Diet:

To eat the Paradise Diet, you simply listen to your body, eat what you find truly beneficial, and ultimately incorporate more fresh unprocessed foods into your diet.

Over time, you will find you can eat only raw unprocessed foods that are in the same state they would be in if they were still in Nature.

I find my body is strongest, happiest, and the most beautiful when I am eating only Paradise Foods, foods that are coming to me as if directly from Mother Earth Herself.

Paradise Foods are the foods of the Goddess.

The Goddess is the feminine aspect of Creation.

She sustains all bodies, gives us our beauty and health, and makes Beauty visible to us in the form of our bodies and the bodies of all creatures.

Without the Goddess there is no Creation.

The Goddess is the source of all bodily Beauty.

When you eat Paradise Foods, you are eating foods just as the Goddess of Creation first made them.

If you want Beauty, eat the foods of the Goddess Who is the source of Beauty.

It is only humans who take the gifts of the Mother Goddess and alter the foods with fire before consuming them.

Humans are not eating food in the same state in which the Mother Goddess of Creation gave the food to them.

Humans have decided that they are so very wise that they know enough about the nature of the universe to manipulate the gifts of the Goddess with their own technology before receiving their gifts from their Mother.

Do we cook breast milk?

All humans are the children of Mother Earth, and Her milk is the foods that come to us from the soil.

If we don’t cook breast milk why should we cook the foods of Mother Earth?

The same human technology that is used to cook food is also damaging the planet and killing animal life and plant life, thus hurting the Mother Goddess Herself.

Humans are utilizing technology, in the form of fire and many other technologies, to modify their food and destroy the planet.

Humans are destroying themselves with their own technology, and rejecting the food of the Goddess and damaging Her and Her planet.

Re-definition of Paradise Food:

Paradise Foods are Goddess foods: foods that are not treated in any way and are received happily from the Mother Herself.

I consider myself a Paradise Foodist :)

But there is no generic “Paradise Foodist.”

What it means for me to be a practitioner of the Paradise Diet is very different than what it would mean if you were to try out my dietary system.

It is an absolute requirement of my dietary system that you listen to your body and make food choices that are in harmony with the current state of your body :)

To be a Paradise Foodist is to be someone who listens to your own body, rather than me, the founder of the Paradise Diet.

So in my dietary system, you are fundamentally following your own dietary system, your body’s dietary system.

You are empowering yourself and listening to yourself.

The Paradise Diet is a system of Self-empowerment and Self-attunement

So you see, to be a Paradise Foodist is different for everyone and it means you are lovingly listening to your own body and eating what you truly enjoy and feel benefited by.

And this is true especially once you starting eating lots of unprocessed raw foods!

~ There Is No One Diet For Everyone ~

Paradise Dietary Principle:

Everything we do affects our dietary choices.

Here are some of the factors that affect what nutrients our bodies will require on a daily or moment-to-moment basis:

-our lifestyles

-our habits

-who we live with

-our occupations

-our methods of moving the body for fun, sports, or exercise

-our environments

-the weather

-the time of day

-the seasons

-the current state of the evolution of humanity on planet earth

-the galactic cycles

-the cosmic cycles

-the multi-dimensional climate of Creation

All of these factors change the way our bodies are utilizing nutrients and this means that depending on the way the above factors change, our nutritional needs will change.

In other words, there is absolutely no way for me to be able to tell you exactly what to eat.

~ Some Questions For You ~

How can I be so bold as to proclaim there is one absolute best diet for every human on the entire planet, in every age, in every cycle of Creation, no matter what, all the time?

How can I be so bold as to say that a scientist who never exercises should be eating the same diet as a marathon runner?

How can I say that a body builder who doesn’t do any cardiovascular routines should eat the same diet as someone who only does long-distance cardio-intensive runs?

How could anyone think that a person focused on building massive amounts of muscle is utilizing the same nutrients as someone who builds almost no muscle and just burns massive amounts of carbohydrates during long-distance runs?

How could anyone think that a physically inactive person who sits in a room contemplating the nature of the universe, and who invents machines to probe the wisdom of the stars, is using the same dietary nutrients in the same ratios as a person whose life revolves around swimming?

Paradise Diet Principle:

I feel that your body utilizes nutrients differently depending on what you are doing with your body.

While this is an easy Paradise Diet principle to understand, it has some very important consequences.

If what you do with your body changes your dietary needs, than that means that each person must have his or her own diet, customized to individual needs.

Thus the birth of my Paradise Diet system!


Listen to your own body, for everything you do with your body changes the types and quantities of the nutrients your body will want to utilize to maintain an experience of constant joy, beauty, and fulfillment!

Let me remind you that I am not even proclaiming that you should be immediately eating 100% raw, unprocessed foods.

I am not proclaiming any such thing!

I am telling you that whether you are eating processed foods, minimally processed cooked foods, dehydrated flax crackers, or Paradise Foods, you must at all times listen to your body as there are many factors that will determine which foods you should be eating at different times during the day.

I do feel that ultimately you will enjoy Paradise Foods the most, but even within the vast realm of Paradise Foods, you must completely attune with your own body’s needs, as your body’s foods requirements are determined by a list of factors more plentiful than the stars.

There is no one diet for everyone, and you must listen to your body to choose which Paradise Foods to eat and how much to eat at a given meal.

That’s the whole reason for my singular Paradise Diet rule!

To eat Paradise Food, natural fresh raw food, correctly, requires that you listen to your body at every meal and decide:

1. what foods to eat

2. how much to eat

3. how frequently to eat

I can, however, simplify your process of attuning with your bodily needs with a few of my observations about the nature of different foods and how they interact with the human body.

Three Food Types

~ The Three Food Types of the Paradise Dietary System ~

I find that virtually all foods fit into one of three categories: Fruits, Vegetables, and Fats.

I find that your body is built into three major Body Spheres, your head sphere, your chest sphere, and your pelvic sphere.

Your head sphere corresponds with the fat foods, as the majority of your brain is composed of fatty tissues.

Your chest sphere corresponds with vegetable foods.

Your pelvic sphere corresponds with fruits.

I can relate the Three Food Types and the Three Spheres of my Paradise Diet to the three major macro-nutrients of the modern nutrition world.

Fruits and the pelvic sphere correspond with carbohydrates, vegetables and the chest sphere correspond with protein, and fats and the head sphere correspond with the fats of the modern nutrition system.

So here is a simple chart to make your life easy:

Body Spheres and Diet:

Pelvic Sphere (feet, legs, pelvis, and abdominal region)



Chest Sphere (chest, arms, neck, mouth)



Head Sphere (everything above your mouth)


For those of you wondering why the mouth is part of the Chest sphere instead of the head sphere, realize that your spine connects to your skull on the same level as the top of your upper lip, just beneath your nose.

Your skull begins at the top of your mouth.

The head sphere corresponds to everything that is at or above where your spine and your skull connect.

What About Grains, Sprouts, Legumes, and Honey?

~ What About Grains? ~

Have you ever wandered up to a field of wheat and tried to munch on some wild wheat?

Have you ever tried to eat oats that are growing in the wild in their natural state?

I do not feel that humans have the capacity to eat grains that are in their natural state.

Therefore grains are not part of my Paradise Diet, because the Paradise Diet requires that foods be in their natural unprocessed states and humans have a tough time with grains that are in this state.

~ What About Legumes? ~

Have you ever tried to eat an unprocessed kidney bean or lentil?

Cooking IS necessary for these foods because they are inedible in their natural state!

I say that foods that cannot be eaten in their natural unprocessed state should not be eaten at all, for such foods are not Paradise Foods.

Therefore beans and many other legumes are not Paradise Foods

~ What About Sprouts? ~

Are sprouts in their natural state as they would be seen in Nature?

Have you ever walked in Nature and seen a bunch of sprouts growing out of the ground like the bunches of sprouts you see in the health food store?

I haven’t.

That alone makes me feel that bunches of sprouts are probably not ideal human food.

I feel young sprouts release toxic substances to prevent animals from eating them when they are still young, precisely so that they have a chance to mature and offer animals the fullness of their nutritional potential.

I do not feel that sprouts are Paradise Foods.

Sprouts do not want to be eaten when they are young because their full potential as plants has not been reached yet.

~ What About Honey? ~

I don’t really consider honey a fruit, but it is more like a fruit than any of my other three food types because it is sweet and is the product of a flower with some industrious intervention by some friendly bees.

I like unprocessed raw honey very much.

People who say honey is not a vegan food can go on saying that.

I hope they enjoy their point of view! :)

I feel honey is very good for your DNA and rebuilding deep parts of the brain and nervous system.

I do consider raw honey to be a Paradise food because you can eat it in its natural state.

What About Cravings?

~ Balancing the Three Food Types ~

I find that when I eat sufficiently from the Three Food Types of the Paradise Diet system, fruits, vegetables, and fats, I feel entirely sustained.

When I balance my consumption from the Three Food Types as my body tells me to, I do not find that I crave anything.

Plus, I have never ever encountered a cooked food that felt as sustaining and enjoyable to me as raw unprocessed Paradise foods which come direct from the Mother Goddess.

So I highly encourage you to properly understand the Three Food Types and then you will be able to identify exactly what your body wants and therefore never experience craving for non-Paradise foods due to nutritional deficits.

In my opinion, cravings only occur when the body feels it needs something that it doesn’t have.

I find that when I eat of the Three Food Types of the Paradise Diet system, my body has the resources to re-create any other substance that it needs and so I do not crave anything.

So I would like to describe to you the Three Food Types of the Paradise Diet and how each food type affects your body so that you can more easily determine where your nutritional imbalances are and correct them.

I will also briefly mention some lifestyle and personality factors which can affect the way you utilize nutrients and thus determine which food types you should focus on the most.

Ultimately you can only determine what food types to eat and how much of each food type to eat by listening to your body on a daily and indeed continuous basis.

Paradise Food Type:


When I speak of fruit I am not referring to fruit by the botanical definition, I am referring specifically to sweet fruit. I would not classify avocado as a fruit type in my Paradise Diet, I would consider avocado and coconut as well to be fat foods.

Some examples of the foods that fit into the Fruit Food Type of the Paradise Diet are:










You get the idea :)

Any sweet fruit or citrus fruit fits into the Fruit Food Type, and melons are also fruits in my system.

~ Fruit is For Muscle Fuel ~

Fruit is absolutely fabulous when it is fresh!

Fruit looks pretty, tastes wonderful, and is the primary fuel of your muscles.

Your body cannot turn fat into muscle fuel very quickly, fat takes a long time to digest.

Your body cannot turn vegetables into muscle fuel very quickly.

Your body can utilize fruit for muscle fuel almost instantly.

I can eat a piece of fruit and within several seconds have new energy to exercise that I did not have before.

I do not by any means recommend eating only fruit, but when what you need is fuel to run your muscles, called glycogen by modern science, well fruit is your solution!

Fruit is not for building NEW tissue, fruit is for running your existing muscle tissue.

Fruit is not for repairing well-utilized muscle tissue, fruit is for using the muscle tissue to exert force.

Fruit = body fuel

~ Fruit is a Cleanser ~

Fruit is the natural cleanser of the body.

Fat is the natural builder of the body.

Leafy greens and other vegetables are the sustainers of the body, maintaining existing muscle mass.

Fruit is what you should eat when you wish to cleanse old energies and emotions from your life.

Fruit is what you should eat when you know you’ve been poisoned.

Fruit is what you should eat when you want to feel lighter and less weighed-down.

Having only fruit for a day or two is the same as juice-fasting, with some added fiber and extra nutrients because the fruit not juiced but is in its whole state.

Please realize I do not recommend that you eat only fruit forever, but when you need to cleanse, eating just fruit for a day or two will make you feel very clean.

Just be sure you have a bathroom nearby at all times.

I write from personal experience :)

~ What Fruits are Ideal? ~

If you are looking for a place to start in a new lifestyle of fruit consumption, I recommend you start with the most readily available and cheap fruits.

Where I live the most inexpensive and nutritious fruits are:





-bananas (I like red bananas the most)

Simply listen to your body and eat as much fruit as you want at any given meal.

~ Order of Digestion ~

Fruit digests the fastest in your body, then greens and other vegetables, and then fats.

So fats take the longest!

At any meal, always eat your fruit FIRST, not last, since it digests the fastest.

Otherwise, if you eat heavier foods first, the fruit will arrive, sit on top of the heavier food while the heavier food is digesting, and the fruit will ferment.

Then you will experience gas and bloating and decide that fruit is bad.

Fruit is not bad, you just need to eat it first.

This is especially true of melons!

Melons digest so fast that you absolutely must eat them first, and preferably wait a little while before eating other heavier foods.

~ When to Eat Fruit ~

Eat fruit when:

-you need more muscle fuel because you have been moving a lot / exercising / working out.

-you need an infusion of carbohydrates

-you are trying to cleanse your body of toxicity

-you need a readily available source of fresh water

-you want to feel lighter

I hope you have enjoyed this description of the benefits of fruit!

Beauty and Strength to You!


Paradise Food Type:


I personally DO feel that we need a lot of protein to build strong muscles.

I base my conclusion on my own personal experience.

Through personal experimentation I have found that leafy greens provide the cheapest, cleanest, healthiest, and most easily assimilated form of protein that is available to humans.

I therefore consider the most important vegetables for human consumption to be green leafy vegetables.

When I look in Nature, the predominant color of vegetation is green.

Everywhere I look in Nature I see leafy green things!

~ Predominant Food of Humans: Leafy Greens~

I would go so far as to say that the predominant food of humans must be green leafy vegetables, due to their super-abundance in Nature.

If you live in a desert or on an iceberg please forgive me, but everywhere I look I see green leafy things unless it is winter and there is snow on the ground, in which case not much of anything is available as food anyway.

If you are somewhere where food is abundant, chances are good that you can find lots of green leafy vegetation either in the form of trees or shrubs or the all pervasive grasses.

~ What Vegetables Do Animals Prefer? ~

When I see animals eating vegetables, I am mostly seeing them eating green vegetables, grass or leaves from trees or shrubs.

I tend to look up to the animals (mammals in particular) when it comes to health and nutrition, given that wild animals are the healthiest, strongest, and happiest creatures that are the most similar to me.

I have learned a lot from animals, and they were the ones that inspired me to investigate the consumption of leafy greens more carefully.

I never really thought much about greens until I observed just how many animals have leafy greens as the staple of their diets!

Some examples of animals who have leafy greens as the staple of their diet:

-gorillas (yes some gorillas eat a lot of fruit, but many species eat mostly greens as the staple of their diets)





-cow/bull (cattle)

Have you noticed anything about the above animals?

They are some of the strongest and biggest animals on the planet!

Since I decided I wanted to be as strong as a gorilla or horse, I decided to examine what these creatures ate.

I used animals as my guides because the humans are not only not looking pretty or healthy these days, they are actively killing themselves and the planet at incredible speeds.

I wanted to learn from creatures that had what I wanted: beauty, health, happiness, and strength.

Rama’s Personal Lightning Fitness Observation:

As I have consumed more leafy greens I have noticed a dramatic increase in my strength and the speed at which my muscles recover from strenuous activity.

Rama’s Personal Lightning Fitness Observation:

The more leafy greens I eat, the more my muscles start to look like horse muscles (lean muscle mass).

My animal friends have taught me well :)

Can we take this moment to send thanks to the animals who have been so nice as to share the planet with us and show us their beauty?

Animals have taught me so much about beauty and strength and health, because they actually HAVE beauty, strength, and health.

Think about it!

~ My Personal Experience ~

I myself find leafy green vegetables to be the most satisfying and the most useful for muscle growth.

When I eat other vegetables they feel wonderful and supplemental, but they are not the mainstay of my diet.

I find that greens digest the easiest and fastest for the amount of strength they offer to me.

I can eat harder vegetables, like squash or yams, but they take longer to digest and I have trouble eating them as staples of my diet.

I can eat lighter vegetables, like tomato and cucumber and celery, but I do not find they are that useful for muscle growth and are actually better as a water source.

I find that leafy greens are the perfect balance!

Leafy greens are easy to digest yet give me a tremendous sense of physical power and they lead to rapid muscle growth, physical endurance. and strength.

~ Leafy Greens and Other Vegetables Are For Muscle Strength ~

I find that leafy greens and other vegetables are the primary foods that produces hard muscle tissue.

Fruit provides muscle fuel, glycogen, to run the muscles, but leafy greens provide the hard building blocks to actually make strong muscle tissue in the first place.

~ Leafy Greens For Protein ~

I consider leafy greens to be the best protein source for humans.

Other vegetables can be a fabulous protein source, like yams or other root vegetables, but I don’t find I can eat root vegetables or foods like broccoli or cauliflower as the staple vegetables of my diet.

When you want protein, try eating leafy greens!

When I eat leafy green vegetables, my muscles instantly feel better and I find that I can exercise with great strength within minutes, where previously I didn’t have the proper nutrients to do so.

~ Examples of Leafy Green Vegetables ~

Some of my favorite leafy green vegetables include:


-romaine lettuce

-collard greens

-wild leafy greens


I consumed wild grasses and wild greens for most of the year and it was absolutely fabulous!

Additionally my food bill for the vegetable portion of my diet was zero because of this :)

Now that it is getting colder and the wild greens in my area are dying I am eating mostly collard greens that I buy at the local grocery store.

Collard greens are hardier than romaine lettuce, and romaine lettuce is hardier than spinach.

When I say “hardier” I mean that the actual leaves of the vegetable are tougher and take longer to chew.

I like the hardier leafy greens because they make my muscles feel stronger in a shorter amount of time for a smaller amount of food consumed.

~ Leafy Green Vegetables Maintain Muscle Mass ~

When you use your muscles for high intensity exercises such as Lightning Fitness, you wear your muscles and they need to be repaired and built stronger.

Leafy greens are the perfect food to repair your muscles and make then harder and stronger.

If your goal is to be build well-toned strong muscles, leafy green vegetables will make your life very easy.

~ Leafy Greens Make You Look Ripped / Strong and Muscular ~

Leafy greens are the perfect food for making you look “ripped.”

You will look very well-toned, strong, and muscular when you eat lots of leafy greens!

Leafy green vegetables are the perfect way to attain the lean muscle mass that body builders are after.

Too much fruit will make you look bloated, and too much fat food will make you look soft.

Only leafy greens will make you look ripped and feel strong if consumed in large quantity.

I am sharing my personal experiences with you, having tried all these variations many times and studied the results in the form of my body.

~ When to Eat Leafy Greens and Other Vegetables ~

Eat leafy greens when:

-you want to build strong muscles

-you don’t feel strong enough to do Lightning Fitness today, but you want to.

-you want to look muscular or well-toned and “hard.”

-you want lean muscle mass that is easy and cheap to obtain using just the fresh produce section of any grocery store.

-you don’t want something sweet like fruit, or heavy like fat, but you are still hungry

Eat other vegetables when:

-you see a vegetable you are particularly drawn to. Vegetables are good sources of minerals and you should listen to your body and eat the vegetables you are most attracted to.

-you can’t find any leafy green vegetables but you still want to build strong muscles. By the way, if you can’t find any leafy green vegetables where you live, you should probably permanently relocate yourself and your loved ones.

~ My Conclusions about Leafy Green Vegetables ~

Please remember, if you want a strong body, eat lots of leafy greens!

You DO need a lot of protein to build a strong body, and your protein source should be something that is easy to digest and easy for your body to use/metabolize.

I find that leafy greens are the protein source that is the most powerful, cleanest, and easiest to digest.

Please let me know your own personal experiences as you try my Paradise Diet!

You can email me at

Leafy greens for muscles!

I hope you have enjoyed the vegetable section of this page!

Beauty and Muscles to You!


Paradise Food Type:


I consider fats to be the hardest food type to obtain in a raw, unprocessed state.

My favorite sources for Paradise fat foods, unprocessed fat foods in their natural state, are nuts that are still in their shells.

Other unprocessed fat foods include raw seeds and avocado.

If you are really wanting to try my Paradise Diet, I highly recommend you find a source of raw nuts that are still in their shells.

I find nuts are my absolute favorite fat source because seeds are hard to shell and avocado makes my skin feel funny.

~ What About Dairy Products? ~

I do not consider dairy products to be a Paradise food because I do not think that humans in nature would nuzzle up to a mother cow to get milk.

Raw cheese is not a Paradise food because cheese is not a whole food and consists of only part of the original milk product of the cow.

My simple proof is that you will never find cheese in nature, without human intervention.

Raw milk is illegal to sell in many cases, and hard to find in just about every case.

I can’t even imagine a human suckling directly from a mother cow on a frequent basis.

Such a human would risk getting trampled by the startled mother cow or could also risk being accepted into the herd and forced to mate with other cows and perform daily bovine business for the herd.

Why then should a human drink the milk of an animal if this human cannot obtain the milk through direct, honest, machine-free methods?

Yes, farmers used their hands, but you still need a cup or bowl of some sort.

And you also need to overcome the guilty feeling that you are taking cow’s milk from the baby calf who needs his or her mother’s milk more than you do.

How would you feel if someone took all your mother’s milk when you were young, leaving your mother with little left to give to you?

For those of you not familiar with the topic, mothers do have only a finite amount of milk to provide to their little ones on a daily basis; so if a human steals all the mother’s milk, the calf is left without its only food supply.

On the whole this process seems entirely inconvenient, complicated, insensitive, and speaks of humanity having confused its identity with that of a calf (baby cow).

Even if eating dairy products made sense, which to me it doesn’t, there is still the undeniable fact that these days cows are pumped full of growth hormones to produce more flesh and milk faster, and these growth hormones go into your body if you drink the cows milk and give you cancer.

Cancer is usually the uncontrolled growth of cells in a disorganized way.

Growth hormones cause cows to grow in a rapid fashion that is unnatural.

Growth hormones that you ingest from cows milk cause your cells to grow in an accelerated and unnatural fashion that can spin out of control and cause cancer.

I do feel that we are more powerful than anything in this world and can overcome such toxicity in our food as man-made growth hormones designed to make a single cow produce far more meat and milk than she could normally.

But why make your body go through all the work of breaking down the growth hormones in dairy products so that they don’t give you cancer?

Cows are expensive to maintain and must endure cruel conditions.

The overproduction of cows in the United States has also lead to the mass extermination/foreign relocation of wild horses to provide more grazing territory for cows.

Let it be known that by “foreign relocation” I mean that many horses are sold to international meat markets just to make room for more cows within the United States.

I recommend a cleaner, healthier, cheaper, animal-friendly source of fat for your daily dietary needs: nuts in the shell.

Nuts love to serve you by becoming part of your body and they are cheap to raise and are not pumped full of growth hormones.

Nuts do not impinge on the grazing territory of the beautiful wild horse.

Nuts do not endure cruel conditions will being raised.

There is no need to specify on nut packaging whether that nut was allowed to roam free during its life and eat organic food, or whether it lived in a cage its whole life and was fed body parts of its own species.

Nuts are a clean and friendly fat source for you for many reasons.

Nuts that are fresh from the shell will bring your body chemistry, emotions, and sense of morality and justice to Paradise.

~ What About Nuts That Have Been Out of the Shell For a Long Time? ~

Nuts that have been out of their shell for a long time are dehydrating and therefore constipating.

I originally dismissed nuts as a unprocessed raw fat source because they also made me feel constipated, or at least dried out from the inside.

The magical moment in my life in terms of developing the Paradise Diet fully was when I discovered that nuts that are still in their shell until just before you eat them are NOT constipating, and are more nutritious and taste better than their shell-less counter parts.

I do not recommend nuts that are out of their shells unless you want to spend a long time in the bathroom just hoping something will happen.

Here is a list of of my favorite nuts, which I shell myself at each meal:

-macadamia nut

-brazil nut




It does not take me long at all to eat my nuts.

I shell all of them with my teeth these days, except macadamia nuts.

But it took me a while to get to the point where I could shell nuts with my teeth!

If you are new to shelling nuts yourself, I recommend you use a nut cracker or two rocks.

Animals have been known to use two rocks to smash upon shells of other creatures as well as nuts.

Do not mash the rocks together too hard, or your nut will be smashed to pieces!

~ Fats Are the Body Builders ~

Nuts and other fat foods help your body to build new tissue.

Leafy greens and other vegetables make the tissue strong and hard.

And Fruit runs the newly hardened tissue!

So you see, between the three Paradise Food Types, you have a complete life cycle for your muscles.

Eat fats to build new muscle, eat greens to make the muscle hard, and eat fruit to run the muscle.

~ Nuts Are Excellent for Brain and Nervous System Function ~

If you want to improve your mental clarity and brain function, eat Paradise fat foods like nuts that are fresh from their shells.

Notice how many nuts look like parts of the brain and nervous system!

Walnuts look like the midsection of the brain, almonds look like the pineal gland, brazil nuts look like your medulla oblongata, and macadamia nuts look like the upper cortex of the brain.

~ Eating Nuts Will Make You Happy ~

Because nuts improve brain function they are also the natural mood booster.

After a meal of nuts your brain has additional nutrients to produce joy chemicals like serotonin in your brain and this makes you feel very happy for no particular reason.

I would therefore say that nuts and other Paradise fat foods are the cheap and healthy mood boosters provided to us by Nature.

~ Eating Nuts Will Make Your Hair and Skin Soft and Shiny ~

Eat nuts and other fat foods for beauty!

Nuts make your hair shiny and soft, your nails and teeth hard, and your skin soft and shiny.

Nuts provide the essential omega 3 and omega 6 and omega 9 fatty acids and all the other nutrients that your hair, teeth, nails, and skin need to build themselves strong, healthy, and beautiful.

~ Eat Nuts to Stay Warm ~

Eating nuts from the shell will keep you warm in the winter!

Rama’s Personal Lightning Fitness Obeservation:

My body temperature rose dramatically once I started incorporating more nuts into my diet, and now I can actually enjoy the cold weather.

When I was eating only fruit I was FREEZING all winter long!

But now, because of raw unprocessed nuts in the shell, I can enjoy the winter and in fact welcome the cold, and still be eating only unprocessed Paradise foods.

~ The Culminaton of Four Years of Research ~

What I am offering to you here is the result of four years of research into natural fat sources for human beings.

I tried everything I could think of!

For four years I hunted for a raw fat source that was enjoyable, nutritious, cheap, and readily available.

As I said earlier, the magical moment in my life in terms of offering you a completely unprocessed, cheap, and physically empowering Paradise Diet occurred when I discovered how much better nuts are when they are fresh from their shells.

Now I shell my nuts daily, just as an animal would, using two rocks or my teeth!

Nuts that are shelled at each meal are the best tasting, cheapest, and most beautifying raw fat source I have ever discovered.

~ Eating Nuts From the Shell Is Good For Your Food Bill ~

Because nuts are so powerfully nourishing, I find that I only spend about $60 USD every two months or so for the fat portion of my Paradise Diet.

Combine this fact with the fact that when you eat the Paradise Diet in a balanced way you don’t need as much food, and you can see how eating the Paradise Diet reduced my food bills by 67% will increasing my happiness and energy levels!

Please note that nuts that have already been shelled are usually at least TWICE as expensive.

Macadia nuts at most stores are $12 USD or more per pound.

Macadia nuts that are in the shell are about $5 per pound.

Brazil nuts that are shelled are about $9 per pound in most stores that I have visited.

Brazil nuts that are in the shell are about $2.50 USD per pound.

When you buy nuts that are in the shell you save a lot of money and all you need is a nut cracker, two rocks, or, as in my case, your teeth.

~ When to Eat Nuts ~

Eat nuts from the shell when:

-you want to reduce your food bills

-you want to increase your happiness levels

-you want to build new muscle mass

-you want to enhance the appearance of your hair and skin

-you want to strengthen your teeth and/or nails

-you want to improve brain function for studying or intensive mental activities

-you want to improve brain function for connecting to your spiritual nature and also for physically feeling your body better

-you want to repair your nervous system

-you want to repair your DNA system

-you want to feel calm and peaceful

-you need a source of food that will warm you up

-you want to enjoy winter while still eating only raw unprocessed Paradise Foods

My Personal Opinion:

I considered raw nuts in the shell to be the most undervalued food source in a modern culture where most people do not have a raw, healthy, unprocessed source of nutritional fat in their diets.

Consequently, their brains and nervous system lack healthy building blocks and most people experience an assortment of “modern”chronic ailments such as chronic fatigue, mental fog, confusion, numbness, apathy, depression, insomnia, and more advanced nervous system diseases.

I feel that the majority of the modern human’s discomfort that can be related to dietary causes is due to an insufficiency of unprocessed fat foods such as raw nuts in the shell.

I hope you have enjoyed this section on the Fat Food Type of the Paradise Diet!

Beauty, Happiness, and Strong Teeth to You!


~ Paradise is The Balance of The Food Types ~

I do not consider any one of the three Paradise Food Types to be perfect.

I find that it is not the absolute perfect taste of a grape or a brazil nut that leads me to say that my diet can bring you to chemical bodily Paradise.

I find that when my body has sufficient quantities of the three Paradise Food Types, it can produce any other substances that it needs, and my body sends me the serotonin and other chemical messengers that let me know I am doing things right for my body.

Literally my body is rewarding me for eating right!

It is not one food that tastes perfect and brings me Paradise, it is the proper combination of all nutrients that brings me a feeling of bodily Paradise.

In other words, proper nutrition is Paradise.

Body is Paradise.

When you feed your body correctly you enter chemical bodily Paradise and you can enjoy the rest of your day no matter what you are doing.

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I have articles in audio format that discuss the following:

Complimentary Audio:

My Experience with Eating Raw Food vs. Cooked Food

-how I felt eating raw food for the first time,

-how I felt eating cooked food again after eating only raw food for several months,

-how I feel eating the Paradise food diet,

-how Paradise food compares with cooked and processed foods in terms of my energy levels, performance, happiness, and belly-size.

-how the journey to eating Paradise food is gradual and you should not rush yourself or feel embarrassed if you are not eating only raw food, all at once, today, now. :)


Complimentary Audio:

Three Reasons to Eat Only Paradise Foods, Fresh Raw Unprocessed Foods

-”Paradise Food” is my term for foods that are in the same state that they would be in if they were still in Nature, prepared exactly as Mother Earth made them Herself.

I am aware of three major reasons to eat only Paradise Foods:

Performance: I describe in this audio how much my athletic performance increased as I began eating only Paradise Foods.

For me, high athletic performance is one of the primary indicators of a healthy diet.

You will find it easier and more fun to exercise when you are eating only Paradise Foods!

Beauty: I do not use cosmetic products of any kind, so I must rely on my diet of Paradise Foods to give me natural inexpensive Beauty that reflects my true nature.

Eating only Paradise foods increased my physical beauty in many ways, including:

-clear skin

-strong and shiny hair, teeth, and nails

-better well-rounded muscle tone due to better protein sources

-deep, rich skin tone

-brighter eyes

-softer hair

-a radiant glow of health and happiness, which I feel constantly.

Paradise: The reason I call my diet the Paradise diet is because when you eat correctly you experience a physical, biochemical state of joy that remains with you throughout the day.

When you eat only Paradise foods you can experience a consistent, inexpensive, maintainable state of chemical joy that can uplift you no matter who you are, where you are, or who is around you (or not around you).

Eat Paradise foods if you want to live in your own personal Paradise, your body.

Body is Paradise!

Your body becomes Paradise when you feed her correctly.


Complimentary Audio:
Let Taste Dictate What You Eat

In this audio I explain how I have experienced first-hand that my Paradise Diet has the best tasting food there is.

I have discovered that taste is relative, not absolute.

This means that if you are eating what your body truly wants for its health and body-building purposes, your body will make that food taste better.

I have literally experienced changes in the taste of food as I was eating that food.

When I have too much fruit, fruit stops tasting sweet and just tastes like water.

My body is telling me: “no more fruit!”

So I have found that when you eat food and get proper nutrition, your body tells you that you are getting perfect nutrition through the way the food tastes to you.

And I have also discovered that when I eat the Paradise Diet, I am getting proper nutrition and so my Paradise Diet always tastes the best to me, even when I am eating a meal of only leafy greens!

I explain this and much more in this audio, and share with you my experience of how, out of all diets and cooked foods that I’ve tried, my Paradise Diet tastes the absolute best!

Literally, my Paradise Diet of mainly fruit, leafy greens, and nuts, tastes far better than any other foods I’ve ever eaten, when I eat my diet correctly.

I explain how to eat my Paradise Diet correctly here on my website and in these audios.


Complimentary Audio:

Nature’s Raw Steroids for Rapid Muscle Growth and Female Hormone Balancing

-A free legal way to grow muscle rapidly

-Enjoy your muscle gains, enjoy your food, and enjoy being drug-free

-Enjoy paying pennies for your muscle growth enhancers while others choke down powders and use other less pleasant methods to inject questionable substances into their bodies to obtain bigger muscles

-Enjoy obtaining your muscle growth enhancers legally and publically in just about any food store in the world.

--A cheap and healthy way to balance female hormones in a way that truly works and enhances beauty and youthfulness


Complimentary Audio:

The Importance of Sleep

-enjoy faster muscle recovery

-enjoy more balanced emotions

-enjoy greater beauty

-feel good, look good, perform better

-the importance of honoring your body when it come sleep

-sleep, just as important as food and exercise


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This Lightning Fitness pose involves the eight major organs of your body, helping you to stimulate the flow of power from your nervous system to each of your major vital organ regions.

This Lightning Fitness pose involves a twisting motion around your central axis, your spine, and thus stimulates the flow of blood, lymph, and hormones, as well as stimulating the functioning of all the major organs of your body.

I guide you through the entire pose and demonstrate each part, explaining each of the eight parts in detail.

Doing just this pose will help you feel stronger, happier, more balanced, and more beautiful.

Because I have done this Lightning Fitness pose consistently, I have been able to lift heavy objects that two years ago I would not have been able to lift at all!


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Lightning Fitness Poses

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