“You have helped put me in control in remarkable ways

one of my favorite things about my life is RAW FOOD!

I will never eat cooked food again!

I have been on raw paradise diet for a full week while working school and yoga full time and i have never had more energy!

My awareness of the body has heightened my perception of my own and others bodies, and how strange they some times look (humans) lol !

But I love and do not judge god is in everyone we are all brothers and sisters!

I have tried vegetarian vegan no red meat and ayurvedic diets but I NEVER FELT ALIVE UNTIL I STARTED EATING RAW FOOD (and only a week) HEHE :)

everyday I cant wait to eat raw food! the most intimate way in which we are connecting to earth and our body is by sharing her beauty through our amazing relationship of

LIFE! which for us is FOOD ,FOOD gives us life of the earth!

This must sound silly because i have been a human for 21 years BUT IF EVERYONE FELT THIS WAY WE WOULD NEVER HAVE ANY PROBLEMS!

anyway wanted to keep you updated on how I’m doing




Paradise Diet Case Study:
Betty Sindlinger Healed Her Arthritis Permanently

I have been tracking Betty’s progress with the Paradise diet for almost a full year.

Here is a chronological listing of her emails, starting with the most recent one.

She has been eating fresh fruits, greens, nuts, and seeds as per my Paradise Diet system.

After adopting my Paradise Diet, Betty was able to stop taking all the drugs she was taking for her arthritis pain, virtually instantly.

She had been taking drugs for pain for more than 10 years and now she has been drug-free and pain-free and happy and vibrant for almost a year since adopting the Paradise Diet.

She says that her friends and family are even noticing that her hair is getting darker!

She was almost 70 years old when she started the Paradise Diet.

From being unable to perform basic daily tasks due to arthritic pain, Betty is now able to walk two miles a day.

She has achieved this level of progress in less than a year of eating the Paradise Diet.

I hope you enjoy her case study!

She and I both want you to know that easy, virtually free, permanent, and enjoyable healing of chronic life issues is possible with the Paradise Diet.



Rama: Betty sent me this email on October 29th, 2009.


I have had such remarkable changes in my life since I began the raw foods Paradise Diet almost a year ago!

To remember back to how I felt then compared to now, the changes are so amazing that I can hardly believe I am the same person!

I had such severe arthritis pain in my knees, feet, hands and back that it was all I could do to go about my daily routine.

In fact, I often had to settle for just doing the bare necessities.

I felt old and weak and was very unhappy with the difficulties this condition had brought about.

I determined to change my life and felt in my heart that it could be done, that Arthritis is not a permanent condition.

I had made quite a few lifestyle changes already, like becoming a vegetarian and going off prescription drugs.

And doing these things did make a great improvement in my health.

However, I did still have the Arthritis and all the pain and discomfort that went with it.

It seemed I lived on Ibuprofen, I had to take it so often just to function.

And then, my daughter encouraged me to call you. And you suggested the Paradise Diet.

Once I began the Paradise Diet, the changes began immediately.

And I do mean IMMEDIATELY!

The very first day the pain went COMPLETELY away and that was WITHOUT ANY IBUPROFEN!!

I could hardly believe it.




I have also lost 20 pounds in the process and feel very healthy and alive!

I have no problems walking 2 miles a day, doing an exercise program and taking care of my household responsibilities.

I have been complimented on the changes in my appearance and told I look as young as my children.

They say my hair is even getting darker again. :)

I am 70 years and feel as good as I did 20 years ago.

There is not a doubt in my mind that this diet (And Rama!) can perform miracles.

I am a living example of the fact!

There are no words to express the gratitude I feel when ever I think of the wonderful changes in my life.

I wish everyone that suffers from Arthritis would try this diet, for I know it could cure them as well.”

Stone Mountain, GA, USA


“I am truly RENEWED in having this opportunity to work with you, learn from you and experience the sheer JOY of BEINGNESS! I feel like I am in the process of shedding a shell, or tough skin. That underneath is this beautiful, radiant being that I couldn’t dare to hope was me.”

Betty Sindlinger



“Dear Rama,

I deeply appreciate the wonderful report on my session with you and thank you for such an explicit description of the process! I think I would next like to do a phone session with you, as soon as I can manage it. In the meantime, I will continue with the raw foods and working with the material on your web site. I will be taking your course in April, also. [Rama: She is referring to my http://evernewjoy.com website, and my RBAP course]

I am having great success with the raw foods and still NO PAIN from the arthritis, even without the ibuprofen!

Since the session, I am feeling much more clearheaded and motivated.

This is so great, because previously I had been going whole days at a time without clarity of focus and purpose, just plodding along.

Also, I am noticing a renewed interest in creative activities.

This is a GREAT occurance for me because I have had a block on my creativity for probably 20 years or more!

I haven’t actually started back painting, yet, but I really feel like I want to!

That is a precious feeling for me after so long a time without it.

I could go on and on, but I do want to keep this as short and to the point as possible, knowing what a large volume of correspondence you must have.

I will keep you posted on my progress, in hopes that it may serve to be of assistance or encouragement to others as testimony of your work.

In heartfelt gratitude,”



Rama: This email was sent to me by Betty two months after her initial success with the Paradise Diet in healing her arthritis.

Her initial email is further down this page.

In this email I was asking her if she was still feeling healed of the arthritis issue.

“The diet is going very well, thank you.

Oh, yes, I would definitely consider the arthritis as being cured by the Raw Foods diet ( AND/OR RAMA! :) ).

I have had no further inflamation and even with all the rain we’ve been having, there has been NO PAIN!

Also, I have lost at least 12 lbs. in the process.

From the very first day, I have had NONE of the usual detoxing symptoms, which always accompanied any form of fasting, detox or cleansing process that I’ve ever undertaken in the past.”



Rama: Betty is responding to my email, asking her if her arthritis was still gone. I myself was quite happy and amazed at how quickly the Paradise Diet resolved her arthritis issue. I wanted to be sure the benefits were lasting!

Dear Rama,

Yes, I am still having GREAT success with the raw foods diet!

Still no arthritis pain, after nine days and no ibuprofen in all this time!

I am beginning an exercise program starting out with stretching and walking.

I feel so much more motivated and positive about the improvements I am seeing day by day!

I will be 70 in May and really felt the miles I’ve traveled, before my first session with you on March 04, 2009.

Now, I have a whole new lease on life!

A joyous experience to say the least!

I am very much looking forward to further sessions and classes with you in the future.

Please do use whatever you want of anything I’ve shared with you, in whole, or any parts thereof. If, instead, you would prefer that I rewrite or combine them in any way, just let me know.

I am THRILLED to be able to share this wonderful news and to encourage others to work with you and HEAL…



Rama: This is Betty’s first email to me about her success in healing her arthritis. She started eating the Paradise Diet on March 1st, 2009.

Dear Rama,

Thank you for taking the time out of your very busy schedule to confirm what I had sensed about our mission and how the healing is accomplished!

I wanted also to let you know that I have been eating mostly raw foods since Sun., 3/01.

The exception was Sunday morning, when I had a couple of veggie sausage patties and toast for breakfast.

My tummy was not happy the rest of the day!

My body is now very happy with fruits and veggies.

I had been taking handfuls of supplements, OTC antihistamines for allergies and ibuprofen for arthritis pain since giving up on allopathic medicine and prescription drugs several years ago.

Well, I’ve felt like I don’t need any of that anymore, with the raw foods.

I felt like the way to go was raw food since your email of the 28th and wanted to let you know that if you had encoded it , it worked! :)

AND, I have NOT had any pain or discomfort from the arthritis, since quitting the ibuprofen, March 1st.

The complimentary DNA activation song is wonderful!! Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful, healing music with us all! [Betty is referring to free music that is on my other site, http://evernewjoy.com]

Oh, and Glenda’s boys are now calling Romaine lettuce “Rama lettuce”. I thought you would appreciate knowing how strong of an influence you are on them. :) On us all, in fact!


Betty Sindlinger

Stone Mountain, GA


Rama: This client, Glenda, is describing her results on the Paradise Diet after having a telephone session with me.

“Dear Rama,

It’s really, really, REALLY working!! I would never have guessed how quickly this would take place!

…I had a phone session with custom activation with you on the phone, afterward you said I should rebuild my body with fruits and Romaine lettuce, as much as 2 (big) stalks a day or more, and as much fruit as I wanted.

I started the next day without thinking because I was too busy to eat, except the apples and romaine that I packed for lunch.

After a few days of grazing so to speak, I noticed I had gone the whole time with no cravings for a single thing!

No chocolate, pastries or anything AND I have been a RAW Foodist for 7 days now, NO Symptoms and NO CRAVINGS!! Yeay!!

My health is coming back and I feel JOY of life again, I’m losing weight very quickly and I’m not tired or weak at all.

I would never have thought I could overcome the craving of chocolate and junk food after all these years!!

Now look at me, all fresh foods, no thoughts of putting anything else in my body, even while preparing meals for the boys.

I’m so excited about the new possibilities for my life and my body.

Thank you for helping me get my life back!”

Glenda Gable

Atlanta, GA,


“What I found out about cooked food:

In my first months of Qigong (Energy work) practice I was often dehydrated even though I used to drink so much water.

When I was getting quite advanced in Qigong, I realized all the toxins that I had in my self.

First, my wife made me notice that my head was stinking eventhough I had just got out of the shower.

Second, when I was training in Qigong, I found out that my hands were smelling. The smells coming out of my head and hands was the same smell of a really bad smelling cheese. Indeed, I used to eat cheese.

My body was expeling all the toxins I had as a meal.

I used to need eyedrops because my eyes were getting very dry at night. I had to get up at least 3 times a night to go to the toilet because of all the water I was drinking to rehydrate myself. It was disturbing my sleep.

When I began eating raw food, the bad smells of my head and hands were gone. I also never had to use my eyedrops again and I did not need to get up so often at night to go to the toilet. I used to have skin problems. I also got rid of these problems with raw food.

My energy level rised up alot. Getting up in the morning is now much easier than before.

My happiness level also rised up. Feeling full of energy, it is easier for me to do everything I have to do and then spend more time doing what I really enjoy.

Something that I really enjoy about raw food is that it is so easy to feel when I no longer need a certain type of food because it no longer tastes good. Compared to when I used to have cooked food, eventhough I felt full and heavy, the food still tasted the same.

Another point is that with cooked food I used to fart so much. When I was doing treatment with patients I had to retain myself. It wasn’t confortable at all. Now with raw food, I am close to not farting at all and when I have some, it is not smelling. It can seems to be a little ridiculous but it really helps with concentration when you work with someone and you do not have to think of retaining yourself.




“I am using the lightning fitness since almost 2 weeks and after one week i noticed some of my muscles (shoulders and biceps) already grew up a little.

2 weeks after they grew a little bit more.

I noticed that it is very important to follow the principles of it.

Cause, i did it properly during the first 2-3 days but then i wanted to go faster and without noticing it at beginning i lost some of the joy i was feeling.

As i accelerated the speed of my movements, the energy felt was less intense.

I remembered one of the rules: Doing movement at comfortable speed for a period of time.

So now, i am back at proper speed and the nice energy i feel from doing it came back and it feels great.

I am very happy to do this fitness, it makes me feel like if some liquid was being poured inside my body through the top of my head, i like it a lot.

After 3 weeks now, i am still having fun doing it, it feels like playing with my body :)

Thanks Rama!”

Christophe, France


“Wow!! Rama,

The pictures are GREAT!! You truly look like the god that you are! :) It shows that being a raw foodist doesn’t mean we would look thin and malnourished.

It also shows me that you know what you’re doing, that you are balanced and spot on with your knowledge, which I knew, but there it is…manefest in the physical, true beauty as you tell us we can do.

You truly are beautiful on all the many levels you express yourself.

My 15 yr old, Jeromy was just talking about weight lifting in school and now I can show the supreme example of a raw foodist and results of exercise.

It still amazes me how you seem to say/send things right when I think about it

I was just thinking that exercise would really help clear my lymph system and grow my new body, but what to do?

Out of all the routines, I was confused.

Then a few hours later, there you are showing me the results. out of the clear blue sky he! he! [Rama: I had just emailed her a video of me doing some posing routines]

Now I feel even more encouraged to continue my rapid transition, which is balanced, sometimes slower than I wish, but I can feel it’s time for the next step.

I have been researching the raw food since before I found you but now that I saw your pictures, I’m sold :)

I am so grateful for your encouragement and gentile guidance.

You continue to save me from myself, each time I start to slide into old habits, your newsletter or e-mail or recordings guides me back to my higher self, even now, my crown chakra is so expanded.

Thank you again for your time AND the pictures, I am using this day as my marker for getting into shape inside and out.

No need to wait any longer.

You are so Awesome, Rama, I feel so happy that my concious mind has this “chance” to know you as it prepares for its ascension into the next spectrum of my rainbow/light ray.





“Really its ingenious by its simplicity

and i see how much the speed of the movement can improve the muscle (by getting higher vibration), i wondered one day how the cats that are so small, have so thin bones, have so strong muscles (one day i tried to catch a wild kitty, small cat, and when i touched it, his muscles were so strong; and also one experience playing with my own cat), so i realize its the vibration of a muscle and not size that makes it strong.”

Christophe, France


“Back to the basics !

this is a very good way to deal with anything in life, anything ! so ingenious in its simplicity, I LOVE IT !!!”

Christophe, France



“I have been practicing lightning fitness about an hour thirty minutes, 5 consecutive days. I’ve spent a lot of time playing with my feet and hands and I am already achieving so much more feeling in my lower body than before.

One night I just woke up around 2 a.m. and my feet were completly activated. I could feel all the muscles in them relaxing so intensly. It was an extreme good feeling. The more I was relaxing my awareness into feeling my feet, the more my calf and legs were activating. I even got some electric shock at the tips of some toes. I couldn’t sleep for about an hour because my body was getting completly full of energy and new feeling I’ve never had before.

Now when I do my meditation practice and healing work, I can generate so much power from my feet. When I make contact with a patient, as soon as I activate my feet to the new level I reached, the patient body reacts very well. I am seeing an whole new opportunity for evolution in this way of developing my body. THank you Rama !”

Michael, Canada